Preceptor Development

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In addition to the resources listed here, please see the recommendations on the Graduate or Undergraduate Preceptor’s Page

Preceptors are invited to view and participate in any of these self-paced learning modules:

“Our Nursing Preceptor Success Program includes three modules that were created because Expert Preceptors Build Expert Nurses. We spent the last three years evaluating the key elements of the new nurse experience and incorporated feedback from preceptors, new nurses and over 200 nurse leaders throughout the state! We now are able to bring you these three easy‐to‐use and affordable online modules to enhance your current strategies for professional development and workforce retention.

Module 1 – The Role of the preceptor
Module 2 – Communication in the Preceptor Role
Module 3 – The Transition Process: Assessment to Evaluation”

The Foundation for Nursing Excellence module catalog can be found here

UNC Library Resources

In appreciation of your involvement with UNC School of Nursing’s educational mission, we encourage you to take advantage of electronic access to the AHEC Digital Library and UNC Health Sciences Library resources (including UpToDate). Please email Mary Beth Schell for information on accessing this resource.

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