Undergraduate Preceptors

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NURS488 – Practicum in Nursing: Health Services Improvement Work Experience (Undergraduate Nursing Program)

Practice in health care settings is the focus of this course. Students participate in a reflective experience that provides the context to integrate classroom and experiential learning into an evolving professional identity.

NURS488 Course Description
NURS488 Clinical Hours Log Guidelines
NURS488 Clinical Hours Log Template
NURS488 Preceptor Data Form

NURS470 Public Health Nursing (Undergraduate Nursing Program)

Students apply public health concepts to community practice to improve health and reduce disparities across the life span, emphasizing interventions using partnership strategies at individual/family, organizational, and policy levels.

NURS470 Preceptor Data Form

NURS494 Community Health Nursing for the Public’s Health (RN to MSN Nursing Program)

Prepares RN students for population-focused practice in community health nursing. Analyses and applications of selected theories, and health promotion/protection and disease prevention strategies are emphasized.

NURS494 Course Description
NURS494 Clinical Log
NURS494 Preceptor form

NURS591 Nursing Care of Patients with Major Adult Health Problems II (Undergraduate Nursing Program-Capstone course)

This senior-level course focuses on applying critical thinking, clinical decision-making and evidence-based nursing practice to complex health problems of adults. Unique health needs of older adults are addressed.

NURS591 Course Syllabus
NURS591 Clinical Teacher Handbook
NURS591 Preceptor Form