Developing Innovative Approaches to Enhance Science & its Translation to Practice

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Faculty are developing more effective methods and instruments for conducting research with diverse populations in a broad range of settings. They also are working to facilitate the movement of the findings from research into practice. In many cases, years pass before the findings from research lead to changes in practice. SON faculty are testing interventions designed to speed the transfer of research into practice by translating research findings for use in real world settings. Many of these researchers are working closely with clinical and community partners to ensure that the results of their studies meet the needs of practitioners. Faculty are pioneering the development of methods for synthesizing the findings from both qualitative and quantitative studies so that they may better inform both research and practice.

Currently funded research studies (studies may be listed in more than one focus area):

Mixed-Method Synthesis of Research on Childhood Chronic Conditions and Family

A substantial percentage of children have a chronic physical condition (CPC) such as arthritis or diabetes putting them at increased risk for psychosocial adjustment problems. Although much primary research has targeted families with these children, still unknown are the factors th… Read more »

Spiraling Upward for Nurse Retention & Quality Care

The Purpose: This ground-breaking project will help rural hospitals in underserved counties in PA enhance patient care delivery systems through improving the retention of nurses and the quality of patient care directly related to nursing activities. The project will benefit rural a… Read more »