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The Office of Research Support & Consultation provides a broad array of research services to faculty, doctoral, and post doctoral students in the School of Nursing. Special emphasis is given to those in pre-funding stages who do not have access to external support for such services. Services include:

Conference Room: The RSC maintains a conference room located in 213 Carrington Hall. Equipped with a projector, telephone line, and conference phone, this room is used for RSC meetings and mock reviews. It can be reserved by contacting Tamea Love.

Data Archives: The RSC maintains long-term data archives for completed research projects. Faculty wishing to store data in the archives should submit a Storage Agreement to the RSC. Faculty wishing to access previously archived information should submit a request for access at least one week prior to the desired access date. Short term storage is also available for faculty needing regular access to their data.

Earned Overhead: PI’s who have been awarded earned overhead receive a statement each fiscal year detailing the amount of money awarded, as well as the process and guidelines for spending the money. PI’s have until the end of April each fiscal year to spend that year’s allocation. Please contact Tamea Love with any questions about the overhead spending process.

Editorial Services: The RSC provides support for review of major grant submissions by a professional editor. RSC staff can direct investigators to a variety of editorial services.

Faculty Research Interests: The RSC maintains a current list of faculty members’ areas of research. The list is updated annually in the Spring.

Featured Research Posters: Solicitations are sent quarterly to faculty and graduate students for research posters to be displayed in Carrington Hall. If you have a poster you would like to be featured, please contact Tamea Love.

Grant Opportunities List: Every week, the RSC distributes a list of new federal, private, and internal funding opportunities and conference information. This information is emailed to faculty and posted inside the RSC. To request a special search topic or to submit a funding opportunity or conference, please contact Tama Love.

Literature Searches: The RSC offers assistance with online literature searches as time permits. Please contact Tamea Love for assistance.

Mock Reviews: As a proposal is refined, it is often valuable to conduct a “mock review.” Modeled after similar reviews at funding agencies, the mock review will convene the Principal Investigator’s choice of team members, substantive experts, statistical reviewers, the RSC consultant(s), and other peer reviewers to conduct a full scientific review of the proposal narrative. The RSC also assists with scheduling, draft dissemination, and room accommodations.

Newsletter: The RSC Newsletter, distributed monthly, includes NIH updates, publications, recent funding and submissions, and awards. To submit an announcement for the newsletter, please contact Tamea Love.

Office of Research Support and Consultation Seminars: Each semester the RSC offers a series of research seminars that are open to faculty, students, and staff. Seminars include discussion of a a wide array of research-related topics and presentations of faculty research. Fall 2012 RSC Seminar Schedule

Progress Report Consultation: RSC staff provide guidance to principal investigators and project directors in the preparation and submission of annual reports for funded projects. Contact Gregory Workman to schedule a consultation.

Project Space Allocation: The RSC manages the allocation of space and initial setup for School of Nursing project staff, primarily through a biennial project space survey. For requests outside of the survey, a space request form should be should be submitted to Gregory Workman.

Proposal Assembly and Routing: One of the primary functions of the RSC is to provide faculty and students assistance with the assembly and routing of grant proposals. RSC staff work closely with each PI to assemble the proposal following the requirements of the funding agency. The RSC also routes the proposal through the Office of Sponsored Research, which must approve the proposal before it can be submitted to the agency.

Proposal Budgeting: The RSC works closely with Investigators and the Post Award Research Accounts Manager of the Office of Administrative Services in the creation of the proposal budget and its accompanying narrative justification. The RSC works to ensure consistency, accuracy, and the presentation of a compelling request that is well matched with the scientific goals of the proposed project.

Proposal Submission Timelines: Following the decision to submit a proposal, Gregory Workman will work with the Principal Investigator to develop a proposal submission timeline. Timelines include such things as proposal draft reviews, budget meetings, mock reviews, and internal and agency submission deadlines.

Research Consultants: All active research faculty in the School of Nursing have a primary, and sometimes secondary, research consultant, who provides ongoing review and consultation during the course of developing a research proposal. Research consultants also provide advice on publication outlets and help investigators to interpret and respond to critique from peer review of proposals and manuscripts.

Research Library: The RSC houses a research reference library containing newsletters and books with funding information, as well as books on research methods and statistics. Items may be checked out on a three-week basis.

Statistical Consultation: Research Division statisticians based in the RSC work closely with faculty in developing the analytic plans for proposed studies. RSC statisticians are co-investigators for many SON funded studies. Contact Kathleen Knafl for more information.