SON Global Health Scholar Marzuola Studies Effects of Fistula on Women in Mali

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November 17, 2016 | In Global Health, Service, Students

ABSN student, Ingrid Marzuola, traveled to Mali this summer as a UNCSON Global Health Scholar to continue her studies on the effects of fistula, a devastating and serious injury resulting from prolonged obstructed labor, and to assist with IntraHealth International’s End Shame: Restore Dignity campaign to prevent and treat the condition.

Marzuola recently reflected on her experience in a moving contribution to IntraHealth’s blog, Vital, the second of two posts on her summer, in which she chronicles the experience of Miriam, a fistula sufferer, as she undergoes surgery and begins her recovery in community with fellow fistula patients.

“It was truly amazing to be involved with this project,” said Marzuola. “I’m so grateful to the School of Nursing’s Global Health Scholar Award for making the trip a reality.”

Please take a moment to read of Ingrid’s experiences here and here.