N487, N488 and N489

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Students enrolled in a pre-licensure option (either BSN or ABSN) must take either N487 or N488 or N489 as a requirement for graduation.  These courses have a similar theme of “real world” immersion in a practice environment with concurrent readings, discussion boards and reflective assignments about the experience.  N487 focuses on a nurse aide work environment either in acute or community settings and is offered in summer session.  N488 focuses on practice improvement projects in acute or community settings and is offered in spring semester. N489 focuses on health care delivery settings in the global environment and is currently offered in both summer and fall semesters.  Each course has 1 credit hour allocated to course content and 2 credit hours allocated to practice (84 clock hrs).  Because of course schedules, BSN students are more likely to take N487 or N489; ABSN students are more likely to take N488 or N489.  The NA I and NAII certificates are required for N487 and recommended for N488 and N489.  The credentials needed for these certificates are earned in N364 and information on how to apply for these certificates is sent to students following successful completion of N364. More information is on the website at the links below:

Campus resources to assist student planning for the work experience include University Career Services and the UNC-CH Study Abroad Office.

Additional Information:

N487: Practicum in Nursing: Nursing Assistant Work Experience

N488: Practicum in Nursing: Health Services  Improvement Work Experience

N489: Practicum in Nursing: Global Health Experience