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May 2017

Sama Hammad
A Mixed Method Study of Childhood Feeding and Growth in Saudi Arabia.
Chair, Diane Berry

December 2016

Huda Al Noumani
Health Beliefs and Antihypertensive Medication Adherence in Oman
Chair, Jia-Rong Wu

Mingeong Jo
Perceived Quality of Communication with ICU Physicians and Nurses and its Relationship to Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression and Stress Among Family Members of Chronically Critically Ill Patients in Korea
Chair, Mi-Kyung Song

Yin Li
Primary Care Nurses:  Their Value in the U.S. Primary Care System
Chair, Cheryl Jones

August 2016

Lousie Fleming
Parental Management of Adrenal Crisis in Children with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Chair, Kathleen Knafl

Jumi Lee
Staff Nurse Decisional Involvement in South Korea: The Concept, Measurement, and Influence of Nurse Decisional Involvement on Nurse Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Turnover Intention
Chair, Donna Havens

May 2016

JinBing Bai
Parent Distress, Parent-Child Interactions and Child Distress, Child Cooperation during Cancer Treatment–Related Port Starts: A Caring Perspective
Chair, Sheila Santacroce

Suzanne Daly
Racial Differences in the Quality of Homecare: What are the Contributing Factors?
Chair, Barbara Mark

Stephanie Devane-Johnson
Shifting the Gaze of African American Infant Feeding to a Psychological, Cultural, and Socio-Historical Lens
Chair, Cheryl Giscombe

Kayoll Galbraith
A Culturally Empowering Perspective of African American Parents and Adolescent Females HPV Vaccine Acceptance
Chair, Coretta Jenerette

Star Mitchell
An Inside View: Using Photovoice to Study Smoking in Rural Low-Income Women
Chair, Shawn Kneipp

Lindsay Munn
Team Dynamics and Learning Behaviors in Hospitals: A Study of Error Reporting by Nurses
Chair, Cheryl Jones

Chifundo Zimba
Supporting the Implementation of Guidelines to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Malawi: A Qualitative Descriptive Case-Study
Chair, Jennifer Leeman

August 2015

Carolyn Jones
Parental Stress and Coping during the Hospitalization of a Child
Chair, Mary Lynn

May 2015

Carolyn Lekavich
The Identification of Biomarkers that Predict Impending Heart Failure Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF)
Chair, Debra Barksdale

Sherry L. Leviner
Going with the Flow: Left Without being Seen in the Emergency Department
Chair, Debbie Travers

Florence Okoro
Gender Differences in Peer Support in Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management: A Qualitative Study
Chair, Debra Barksdale

Britt Frisk Pados
Feeding the medically Fragile Infant: Effects of Feeding Method and Milk Flow on Physiology and Behavior
Chair, Suzanne Thoyre

Einav Srulovici
Assets and Health: Testing the Asset-Building Theoretical framework and Psychological Distress
Chair, Barbara Mark

December 2014

Jacoba Leiper
The Context, Content, and Consequences of Disruptive Behavior among Nurses through Participant Observation and Interviews
Chair, Noreen Esposito

August 2014

Obiajulu Melekwe
Ability to work and its relationship with health status and health behaviors in nursing assistants employed in North Carolina nursing homes
Chair, Mary H. Palmer

May 2014

Deborah Dawn Hutchinson Allen
Exploring cognitive reserve and compensatory behaviors used to maintain executive control function in adults with primary brain tumors
Chair, Virginia Neelon

Carolyn Huffman
Meaning of Miscarriage: Measurement, Reproductive Factors, and Trajectories in Couple Dyads
Chair, Kristen Swanson

Benjamas Suksatit
Sleep in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: Issues of Measurement
Chair, Virginia Neelon

August 2013

Kennedy Onori
Nursing Diagnosis in the Care of Hospitalized Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Pattern Analysis and Correlates of Health Disparities
Chair, Edward Halloran

Sheila Serr Roszell
Instrument Development: Measuring Lean Management Penetration on the Hospital Nursing Frontline
Chair, Mary Lynn

Deonni Stolldorf
The Sustainability of Innovations in Hospitals: A Look at Rapid Response Teams
Chair, Cheryl Jones

May 2013

Brandy Mechling
Living in a Shadow: Psychosocial Well-being of Emerging Adults Who Grew up with a Depressed Parent
Chair, Linda Beeber

December 2012

Cindy Bacon
Exploring organizational influences on patient symptom management in hospitals
Chair, Barbara Mark

Crystal ‘Crissy’ Dodson
Diffusion of Innovation: Knowledge and Attitudes of Oncology Nurses Regarding Pharmacogenomic Testing
Chair, Marcia Van Riper

Karen Elizabeth Jakub
Long-Term Adjustments and Reimplantation Surgery in Patients with Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
Chair, Margarete Sandelowski

JaHyun Kang
Prevention of healthcare-associated Infections in U.S. Hospital Settings
Chair, Barbara Mark

August 2012

Cheryl Ann ‘Cherie’ Smith-Miller
Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management: Influences on Nutritional Practices and Physical Activity Among Spanish-Speaking, Limited-English-Proficient Hispanics
Chair, Diane Berry

Susan Elaine Young
Human Service Provider’s Collaborative Efforts and Interactions with Survivors of Sex Trafficking in North Carolina
Chair, Diane Kjervik

May 2012

Hyunkyung Choi
Sibling Adaptation in Korean Families of Children with Down Syndrome
Chair, Marcia Van Riper

Nancy Havill
Therapeutic Landscapes for Birth: A Research Synthesis
Chair, Margarete Sandelowski

Jinhee Park
Feeding Outcomes in Very Preterm Infants: Preliminary Effects of Positioning
Chair, Suzanne Thoyre

Charlene Wade
Relationships among Voluntary Specialty Certification in Nursing, Role-Breadth Self-Efficacy, and Nurses’ Use of Proactive Work Behaviors
Chair, Donna S. Havens

December 2011

Cheryl Brewer
Factors that Influence Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease
Chair, Marcia Van Riper

Octavia Flanagan
Cardiovascular Risk Prevention in Women Prisoners: The Stay Fit and Healthy Intervention
Chair, Cathie Fogel

Nora Warshawsky
The Influence of Interpersonal Relationships on Nurse Manager’s Work Engagement &
Practice Work Behavior
Chair, Donna Havens

Meng Zhao
Cultural Beliefs and Attitudes toward Health and Health Care among Chinese-Born Immigrant Women:
A Focused Ethnographic Approach
Chair, Noreen Esposito

August 2011

Leslie Louise Davis
Uncertainty as a Precursor to Delay in Seeking Care for Women Experiencing Symptoms of Acute Coronary Syndromes
Chair, Merle Mishel

Chang-Chiao Hung
Relationships on Contextual and Structural Factors to Medication Errors in Taiwanese Nursing Units
Chair, Mary Lynn

Ashley Nicole Leak
Factors Influencing Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors’ Quality of Life
Chair, Deborah Mayer

Lisa Lindley
Providing Hospice Care for Children: An organizational study
Chair, Barbara Mark

Angela Newman
Critical Care Nurses’ Perception and Knowledge of Patient Confidentiality
Chair, Diane Kjervik

Mihyun Park
The Relationship of Ethics Education to Moral Sensitivity and Moral Reasoning of Students in
Baccalaureate Nursing Programs of South Korea
Chair, Diane Kjervik

Jamie Rogers
An Intersectional Approach to Mother-Child Interaction Research: Integrating Women’s Studies
and Nursing Science
Chair, Linda Beeber

Sandra Santucci
HIV Testing in an Urgent Care Center: Psychosocial Disorders and Clinical Characteristics
Chair, Diane Kjervik

May 2011

Jo Ann Dowell
Determining Intervention Fidelity from Chronological Field Notes
Chair, Linda Beeber

Neena Rashed Harris
Life Course Patterns and Risky Behaviors in Incarcerated Women
Chair, Margarete Sandelowski

Jeongok Gang Logan
Psycho-behavioral Factors, Arterial Stiffness, and Blood Pressure in Korean Americans
Chair, Debra Barksdale

Jeongok Park
A Case-control Study exploring the relationship between risk factors of detrusor under-activity and
bladder outlet obstruction and incomplete bladder emptying in Community-dwelling women
aged 65 years and older who have active bladder symptoms
Chair, Mary Palmer

Yeongmi Ha
The relationship between Children’s and Parental Risk Factors, Dietary Patterns and Weight Status
in Children with Intellectual Disabilities in South Korea
Chair, Julie Jacobson Vann

Angelo Moore
Do contextual and individual characteristics and health behaviors individually and/or collectively
influence patient satisfaction for African American men treated for Prostate Cancer in North Carolina
Chair, Merle Mishel

May 2010

Leo Yurek
The Relational Resources Distribution Model: An Evaluation of Control over Nursing Practice and the
Design of Nursing Work
Chair, Donna Havens

Wei-Ting Lin
Relationships between Nursing Unit Contextual-Structural Fit and Unfit-level Patient Outcomes
Chair, Donna Havens

August 2009

Brigit Carter
Identification of Risk Factors for Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm Infants: How race, gender and
Maternal Health Status Contribute
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

Natasha Greene
The Influence of Family Function on Dietary Intake and Glucose Control in African American Women
with Type 2 Diabetes
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

Yolanda Wall
Physician Information – Giving and Partnership – Building Behaviors: Possible Disparities in Health Communications
Chair, Linda Beeber

May 2009

Carolyn McKenzie
Exploring perception of Coronary Heart Disease Risk in African American Women with Type 2 Diabetes
Chair, Anne Skelly

Alaine Pribisko
Functional Significance of GSBS on Cutaneous Afferent Neurons
Chair, Barbara Germino

Susan Rasmussen
Acoustic Measurement of Emotion of Women with Chronic Knee Pain
Chair, Joann Dalton

Denise Spector
The Influence of Breast Cancer Risk and Risk Perception on Lifestyle Behaviors among women
with a family history: A Mixed Method Approach
Chair, Merle Mishel

December 2008

Jill Hill
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Hospice Use after Referral
Chair, Barbara Germino

August 2008

Margaret Zomorodi
Instrument Development to Measure Critical Care Nursing Values and Behaviors when providing End-of-Life Care
Chair, Mary Lynn

May 2008

Chiu-Yeuh Hsaio
Individual and Family Adaptation to severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) in Taiwanese families
Chair, Marcia Van Riper

Wiryia Just (Phokhwang)
Information Needs and Uses of Nurses in Thailand
Chair, Ed Halloran

December 2007

Yunkyung Chang
Testing a theoretical model for severe medication errors
Chair, Barbara Mark

Lin Lin
Living with uncertainty: The psychological adjustment and coping for parents of children with cancer in Taiwan
Chair, Merle Mishel

DaiWai Olson
Combining Observational and Physiologic Sedation assessment Tools
Chair, Suzanne Thoyre

HyunJu Park
Longitudinal relationships between physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and obesity in children and adolescents
Chair, Margaret Miles

Anthony Roberson
The experiences of adolescents consenting to psychiatric mental health treatment
Chair, Diane Kjervik

August 2007

Susan Collins
Associations between frailty and sex and frailty and race in hospitalized chronic heart failure patients: an exploratory study
Chair, Mary Palmer

May 2007

Ann Jessup
Adiponectin and risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in Black and white children
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

Donna Robertson
Factors influencing adherence with anti-retroviral therapy for HIV positive female inmates
Chair, Cathie Fogel

Diane Yorke
Parents Reflections on the Quality of Dying and Death in PICU: What is a good death?
Chair, Diane Kjervik

December 2006

Stewart Bond
Trajectories and Patterns of Delirium in Older Adults with Advanced Cancer
Chair, Virginia Neelon

Camille Lambe
Complementary and Alternative Therapy use during treatment of early stage Breast Cancer
Chair, Barbara Germino

August 2006

Robin Knobel
Physiological Effects of Thermo-Regulation in Transitional Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

May 2006

Kim Larson
An Ethnographic Study of Sexual Risk among Latino Adolescents in Rural North Carolina
Chair, Margarete Sandelowski

Valerie Lunsford
Women’s Initiation of a More Physically Active Lifestyle after a Cardiac Event: Processes, Patterns and Influences
Chair, Barbara Germino

Kerry Thompson
The Relationship among Social Support, Spiritual Well-Being, Uncertainty and Self-Care in Class I and II Heart Failure Patients
Chair, Merle Mishel

Karen Weis
Maternal Identity Formation in a Military Sample: A Longitudinal Perspective
Chair, Cathie Fogel

December 2005

Michael Gates
Demographic Diversity, Value Congruence, and Workplace Outcomes in Acute Care
Chair, Barbara Mark

Rebecca Polzer
Spirituality and Self-Management of Diabetes in African Americans
Chair, Margaret Miles

August 2005

Beth Black
Maternal-Preterm Infant Interaction Subsequent to High-Risk Pregnancy
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

June Cho
Effect of Gender on the Interaction between Mothers and their Medically-at-Risk Infants
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

Su Hyun Kim
Longitudinal Study of Psychological Adaptation, Finding Meaning and Personal Growth among Conjugally Bereaved Older Adults
Chair, Diane Kjervik

Huey-Ling Wang
Factors Associated with Successful Smoking Cessation among Male Adults with Coronary Heart Disease in Taiwan
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

May 2005

Yuan-Mei Liao
The Prevalence of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms among Female Elementary School Teachers in Taipei
Chair, Molly Dougherty

Elizabeth Van Horn
Recovery after Injury: Variables Influencing Depression
Chair, Merle Mishel

December 2004

Emelia Amoako
Managing uncertainty in diabetes: an intervention for older African-American
Chair, Anne Skelly

Tsyr-Huei Chang
Testing a conceptual model of factors affecting glycemic control and quality of life in Taiwanese older adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Chair, Barbara Germino

August 2004

Bradi Granger
Factors Associated with Adherence in Heart Failure
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

Patricia Pearce
Designing with children, for children: Computerized physical activity recall
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

May 2004

Shu-Yuan Lin
Effects of Behavioral Interventions, Goal-Setting, and Client-Professional Interaction on Longitudinal Continence Outcomes for Rural Older Women with Urinary Incontinence
Chair, Molly Dougherty

Nada Lukkahatai
The Thai Cancer Pain Experience: Relationship among Spiritual Beliefs, Pain Beliefs, Pain Appraisal, Pain Coping, and Pain Perception and Outcomes
Chair, Jo Ann Dalton

December 2003

Robin Bartlett
Patterns of Problem Behaviors in Adolescents and The Effect of Risk and Protective Factors on these Patterns of Behavior
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

JoAnne Beckman
The Effectiveness of Nursing Practice Patterns in Acute Care Sub-Units
Chair, Ed Halloran

Lorna Bell-Kotwall
Factors that Predict Change in Urinary Incontinence in Older Rural Women
Chair, Molly Dougherty

Margaret Clayton
Testing a Model of Communication Uncertainty and Emotional Well Being in Older Breast Cancer Survivors
Chair, Merle Mishel

Supapak Phetrasuwan
Psychological Adjustment in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Chair, Margaret Miles

August 2003

Janet Stewart
Test of a Conceptual Model of Uncertainty in Children with Cancer
Chair, Merle Mishel

May 2003

Rebecca Gary
The Effectiveness of a Home-Based Exercise Program in Older Women with Diastolic Heart Failure
Chair, Molly Dougherty

December 2002

Mona Bingham
Mediators and Moderators of the Intervention Effects of the Cardiovascular Health in Children Study
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

Susan Brunssen
Perinatal Exposure to Hyper-Interleukin 6 Affects Neuro-Development in the Mouse
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

Lynda Hardy
Psychometric Testing of a Developmental Food Frequency Questionnaire for Elementary School Children in NC
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

Tzu-Ying Lee
Paternal Support to Mothers of Medically Fragile Infants
Chair, Margaret Miles

Vivian West
What Organizational and Environmental Factors Affect the Utilization of Telemedicine in Rural Home Healthcare: A Case Study.
Chair, Nancy Milio

August 2002

Kwanjai Amnatsatsue
The Measurement of Physical Function in Thai Older Adults
Chair, Molly Dougherty

May 2002

Susan Appel
Central Obesity: Predisposing Factors and Consequences in Children Age 8 through Young Adulthood
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

D.E. ‘Chip’ Bailey
Uncertainty Watchful Waiting in Men with Prostate Cancer
Chair, Merle Mishel

Cydney Mullen
Nursing, Technology, and Knowing the Patient
Chair, Margarete Sandelowski

Hyekyun Rhee
Physical Symptoms in US Adolescents: Prevalence and Patterns
Chair, Margaret Miles

December 2001

Charlene Krueger
Fetal Heart Rate Variability and Learning in the 28-34 Week Fetus
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

August 2001

Jill Hamilton
Theorizing Social Support for African Americans with Cancer
Chair, Margarete Sandelowski

December 2000

Donna Bailey
Nurse Work and the Computerized Patient Record
Chair, Margarete Sandelowski

Wilaipun Sambootanont
Antecedents of Assaultive Behavior in Alzheimer’s
Chair, C. Houge

May 2000

Debra Brandon
Effects of Cycled Light vs. Continuous Near Darkness on Growth and Development in Premature Infants Born Less Than 31 Weeks Gestation
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

Susan Burger
Descriptive Analysis of Organizational and Community Health Changes under Welfare Reform
Chair, Nancy Milio

Kathleen Callery
The role of stigma and psycho-social factors on perceived caregiver burden in HIV/AIDS gay male caregivers
Chair, Merle Mishel

Linda Mayne
Testing a modified adherence model for cancer control to predict both mammography intention and mammography behavior among women over fifty years of age
Chair, Cathie Fogel

December 1999

Pamela Smith
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring: A Study to Determine if Providers Make Changes in Patient Management After 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Indicates that such Changes are Warranted
Chair, Randy Rasch

August 1999

Sharron Docherty
Patterns of Symptom Distress During the Initial Treatment Period in three Children with Cancer
Chair, Margarete Sandelowski

John Welton
A comparison of patient hospital outcomes using medical diagnosis and nursing diagnosis
Chair, Ed Halloran

May 1999

Eve Layman
Brief Nursing Workload Scale
Chair, Mary Lynn

Susan Sherman
Magnifying disability: Urologic symptoms with end stage hip disease treated with total hip arthroplasty
Chair, Carol Hogue

Julie Taylor
The experience of menopause after breast cancer
Chair, Cathie Fogel

December 1997

Barbara Wagg Carlson
Cognitive decline in older adults: development of a minimally intrusive method to monitor and characterize breathing patterns during sleep
Chair, Virginia Neelon

Sally L. Maliski
Experience of Recurrent Breast Cancer
Chair, Barbara Germino

August 1997

Maureen O’Rourke
Prostate Cancer Treatment Selection
Chair, Barbara Germino

May 1997

Jo Gilmer
The Health Behaviors of Young Adolescents in Three Family Risk Groups which Place Them at Risk for CHD as Adults
Chair, Margaret Miles

Sheila Santacroce
Uncertainty and Mothering the HIV Sero-Positive Infant
Chair Merle Mishel

Barbara Speck
Maintenance of regular physical activity in working women
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

December 1996

Esther Tesh
Interactions of Incarcerated Mothers and their Infants
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

August 1996

Shirley Gore
Perceptions of Weight in African American Women
Chair, Barbara Germino

May 1996

Yeur-Hur Lai
The Use of Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Coping in Taiwanese Cancer Patients
Chair, Barbara Germino

Susan Denman-Vitale
The Utilization of Immunizations and Well Baby Care By Low Income Latina Mothers
Chair, Annette Frauman

Debbie Lee
Motherhood as Usual
Chair, Diane Holditch-Davis

Wanda Stutts
Use of the health promotion model to predict physical activity in adults
Chair, JoAnne Harrell

December 1995

Mary Jean Ward Thorson
Hours of nursing care: relationship to patient outcomes
Chair, Ed Halloran

August 1995

Ellie McConnell
Severity of Disability of Nursing Home Residents
Chair, Carol Hogue

May 1995

Brenda Cobb
HIV-Related Sexual Protective Practices of Late Adolescent Females
Chair, Cathie Fogel

Lynne Lewallen
Chair, Cathie Fogel

Carolyn Graham
Patterns of Urinary Incontinence after Acute Stroke
Chair, Carol Hogue

May 1994

Audrey Nelson
Effects of Social Support on Mothers’ Responses during the Child’s Bone Marrow Transplant
Chair, Margaret Miles

December 1993

Diane Hudson
Infant Post-Operative Pain Behaviors and Nurses’ Decision Making
Chair, Marge Duffy