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Research at the School of Nursing attracts national attention and support for its ongoing high quality and innovation. Faculty are highly successful in obtaining external grant support from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, to name only a few. The following are the areas of concentration for faculty research and scholarship:

  • Preventing and managing chronic illness and other major health threats,
  • Reducing health disparities,
  • Improving health care quality and patient outcomes,
  • Understanding the biobehavioral and genetic bases of health and illness,
  • Developing innovative approaches to enhance science and its translation to practice.

During the application and interview process, prospective doctoral students are asked to identify a specific area of research and potential faculty with whom they might work during their doctoral program. Faculty assist students to link their interests with one of the above areas of concentration. The doctoral program prepares students to recognize the value of, and to capably use a variety of methodological and analytic approaches from the biological, behavioral, and social sciences and the humanities. Interdisciplinary education and research participation are hallmarks of research in the School of Nursing.

The overall goal of the Program is to prepare competent, culturally sensitive, and compassionate scholars of nursing who will, through their active engagement with and passion for scholarship, contribute to the goal of improving the health of our nation.

The Office of Research Support and Consultation provides further details of research in the School of Nursing.