Transcript Evaluation

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Prospective students can request an unofficial transfer evaluation to determine status of compliance with program prerequisites. The appropriate request form should be attached to copies of all U.S. college transcripts and sent to the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing address denoted on the form.

BSN Transcript Evaluation Request Form

RN-MSN Transcript Evaluation Request Form

Post MSN Transcript Evaluation Request Form

Don’t have time to wait? If you are a prospective BSN or ABSN student, use the following documents to help determiRN-MSN Transcript evaluation request form_4-14ne status of compliance with program prerequisites:

Requirements for First Degree Applicants

How to Evaluate Transfer Credit for First Degree Applicants

Requirements for Second Degree Applicants

How to Evaluate Transfer Credit for Second Degree Applicants

Additional Resources

NC Community College Equivalencies – All Applicants

NC Community College Equivalencies – Second-Degree Applicants ONLY

General Education Course Examples

Does my course fulfill the US Diversity or Global Issues Requirement?


Second-Degree Applicants (Prospective BSN and ABSN students only)

First-Degree Applicants (Prospective BSN students only)