Instructor: Donna W. Bailey
Length: 8 hours

This one day program will provide participants with a systematic approach to teaching and learning in the preceptor role. Utilizing participant’s experiences as a starting point, we will develop a teaching-learning framework that can identify potential barriers to effective acquisition of desired performance behaviors. By exploring their past experiences as preceptors within a conceptual model, participants can utilize what they have learned as preceptors to improve their performance, enhance their satisfaction as preceptors, and identify opportunities for organizational improvement in their orientation and staff development programs.

Topics include experiential learning, teaching-learning styles, communication, conflict management, feedback, teaching-learning strategies in the clinical setting, role of reflection in learning, and self development as a teacher.

    At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe an experiential learning model that can be used to frame their work as preceptors.
  • Describe preceptor experiences from a critical thinking perspective to identify areas that went well and areas where they want to improve.
  • Explore teaching-learning styles for application in their setting.
  • Discuss the role of reflection in learning.
  • Demonstrate the effective use feedback.
  • Identify areas for continued professional development as a teacher and create a personal plan for achieving their goals.

Experienced preceptors interested in using a systematic approach to developing in the preceptor role, nurse managers interested in a systematic framework for developing preceptors in their setting, nurse educators responsible for developing preceptors in their setting.