Instructor: Donna W. Bailey
Length: 8 hours
This one day program will provide participants with the necessary tools to develop as an effective charge nurse in today’s dynamic health care settings. Topics include charge nurse competencies, communication, decision-making, organizational strategies, supervision/delegation, team learning, conflict management, and self care and professional development.
    At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • describe the competencies identified in the nursing literature for the charge nurse role,
  • examine the functional areas of the charge nurse role(i.e. communication, delegation) to identify individual knowledge deficits and create developmental plans for reducing/eliminating the deficits,
  • explore a critical thinking framework that will facilitate decision-making, conflict management, and personnel management,
  • discuss strategies for enhancing their ability to organize their work and to facilitate others in the organization of their work,
  • assess their preferences and current approaches to leadership skills such as communication styles, time management, and conflict management, and
  • create a personal plan for leadership development that is integrated into an overall career plan.

RNs beginning a charge nurse role, experienced charge nurses interested in using a systematic approach to developing in the charge nurse role, and nurse managers interested in a systematic framework for developing charge nurses in their settings.