Instructor: Victoria Soltis-Jarrett
Length: 8 hours

This day-long workshop presents a review of mental health assessment and problem management for nurses and health professionals who do not work in psychiatric or behavioral health settings and who would like to update in their skills in those areas. It focuses on the three common conditions that confront health care workers in their practice wherever they may work as well as with the issue of patient violence.

    At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe basic mental health assessment skills.
  • Differentiate between depression, delirium and dementia
  • Discuss some basic assessment skills that are useful when evaluating patients with somatoform disorders.
  • Discuss some specific management skills that are appropriate when caring for patients with somatoform disorders.
  • Identify predictors of violence in patients

Non-psychiatric mental health RNs and LPNs. The program can also be tailored to nursing assistants and other clinicians.