Van Riper and Pados Awarded “Dhillon’s Gift” Grant Funding

Congratulations to Professor Marcia Van Riper and alumna Britt Pados for being selected to receive grant funding from the Dhillon Jordan Shah Innovation Fund in Congenital Heart Disease. Dr. Van Riper and her team received $4,000 to conduct their study “Social Determinants of Health-Related Quality of Life and Family Adaptation in Families of Children with Congenital Heart Disease, Families of Children with Down Syndrome and Families of Children with Both Congenital Heart Disease and Down Syndrome.” The purpose of the study is to examine how social determinants of health influence … Continued

Hirschey, Bryant, and Leeman Receive Research Grant from the Oncology Nursing Foundation

Rachel Hirschey (PI), together with SON co-investigators Ashley Leak Bryant and Jennifer Leeman, has received an Oncology Nursing Foundation Research Grant to support her research titled “African American Cancer Survivors Engagement to Develop a Physical Activity Intervention”. Over the next two year, the funding will support engagement with African American colon and rectal cancer survivors to co-create a physical activity intervention. Dr. Stephanie Wheeler from the UNC Gillings School of Public Health is also a co-investigator of this project.

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Cromeens and Others Receive Hillman Scholars Awards

SON PhD student Martha Cromeens is a recipient of the Fall 2019 Hillman Small Grant Fellowship, intended to support her current research, “Latina women’s experiences with endometriosis diagnosis: A qualitative inquiry”. “Her work is so strong, and this funding will allow her to expand the vision of her work,” Dr. Cheryl Jones says of Martha’s research. The other award goes to a Hillman Scholar “Mentoring Tree”, a unique Scholar co-created feature of UNC-CH’s Hillman Scholars Program. Under the advisement of Drs. Cheryl Giscombe and Shielda Rogers, PhD students Gillian Adynski, … Continued

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Xavier Publishes Article on Antipsychotic-Induced Movement Disorders

Dr. Xavier and colleagues have published an article titled “Implications of Antipsychotic Use: Antipsychotic-Induced Movement Disorders, with a Focus on Tardive Dyskinesia” in Nursing Clinics of North America. Abstract: Antipsychotics can be life changing, but like all medications, they can also have unwanted effects, including drug-induced movement disorders such as tardive dyskinesia (TD). More patients are receiving antipsychotic treatment from non-psychiatry health care providers, including primary care and general practitioners. Despite misconceptions to the contrary, recent analyses suggest that the risk of drug-induced movement disorders such as TD has not … Continued

Stone, Davis, and Travers Co-author Paper in RINAH on Pediatric Head Injury Assessment

SON Faculty Dr. Elizabeth Stone, Dr. Leslie Davis and Dr. Debbie Travers co-authored a paper in Research in Nursing and Health (RINAH) that was recently made available as an e-pub ahead of print. This paper, “A Secondary Analysis to Inform a Clinical Decision Rule for Predicting Skull Fracture and Intracranial Injury in Children Under Age Two” is the primary results manuscript from Dr. Stone’s dissertation study at UNC Greensboro. Dr. Davis served as the chair of her committee and Dr. Travers served as an external member of her committee. The … Continued

Leeman and Colleagues Receive $3.375 Million Grant Renewal for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Congratulations to Jennifer Leeman and her colleagues, who have been awarded $3.375 million to continue funding the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN) through September 2024. Associate Professor Jennifer Leeman, DrPH, MDIV, is Co-PI of the UNC collaborating center, along with Alison Brenner. “Everyday researchers are discovering more effective interventions to prevent and control cancer,” says Dr. Leeman. “We now need to develop better ways to implement those interventions into routine practice, especially in settings that care for those at greatest risk for poor cancer outcomes. We are delighted … Continued

Funding Available to Cover Article Publishing Fees Through New Partnership With SAGE Publishing

UNC Libraries to Debut its First Open Access Pilot with SAGE Publishing SAGE Publishing and the University Libraries announce a ground breaking open access pilot program- a first for SAGE in North America. Beginning in 2020, the program will grant UNC-Chapel Hill access to SAGE Journals and provide funding to cover article publishing fees (APCs) for University researchers to make their SAGE research articles fully open access. Under the agreement, SAGE and the University Libraries will offer APC funding to UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff, and students for a number of articles accepted for publication in a SAGE subscription journal under an … Continued

UNC SON Oncology Faculty Co-Author National Research Agenda for Oncology Nursing Society

UNC School of Nursing Faculty Ashley Leak Bryant, Deborah Mayer, and Lixin Song co-authored the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) 2019-2022 Research Agenda. Three priority areas for scientific development were identified: symptom science, health disparities, and palliative and psychosocial care in oncology. In addition, cross-cutting themes that provide context and elaboration for these priorities emerged. You can find more about the research agenda here. In Spring and Summer 2019, Ashley Leak Bryant and Deborah Mayer were appointed to serve on the ONS strategic roadmap project for 2029. This strategic planning process … Continued

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Stanek Receives Grant to Address Shortage of RN’s in Home Health and Hospice Agencies

Dr. JoAn Stanek, Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, in partnership with Transitions LifeCare, have been selected to participate as a pilot site for a project funded by the State Employees Credit Union Foundation and the Golden LEAF Foundation to “Address the Serious Shortage of RN’s in Home Health and Hospice Agencies.” The grant is sponsored by the Hospice and Home Care Foundation of NC. The aims of the project are: 1) to increase opportunities for our pre-licensure BSN students to experience an extensive immersive experience in both home … Continued

Anderson Publishes a Study Protocol to Reduce Antimicrobial Use in Nursing Home Residents

Ruth Anderson, along with PI Susan Mitchell and UNC collaborator Laura Hanson, recently published a new article in Trials. TRAIN-AD is the first cluster randomized clinical trial testing a multicomponent intervention to improve infection management in nursing home residents with advanced dementia: Infections are common in nursing home (NH) residents with advanced dementia but are often managed inappropriately. Antimicrobials are extensively prescribed, but frequently with insufficient evidence to support a bacterial infection, promoting the emergence of multidrug-resistant organisms. Moreover, the benefits of antimicrobials remain unclear in these seriously ill residents for … Continued

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