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The mission of the School of Nursing is to enhance and improve the health and well-being of the people of North Carolina and the nation and, as relevant and appropriate, the people of other nations through its programs of education, research and scholarship, clinical practice and community service. The School accomplishes its mission as a steward of the public interest by:

  • providing high-quality education within an environment of scholarly inquiry to prepare competent and compassionate practitioners, scholars of and leaders in nursing who will actively contribute to the goal of a healthy state and nation;
  • generating, integrating, disseminating and using knowledge for practice and policy;
  • creating vibrant and supportive lifelong learning environments to ensure a cadre of nurses who value and participate in scholarship and lifelong learning and who can quickly respond to and effectively address the changing health needs and problems of the state and nation;
  • ensuring equal and fair access to its programs to guarantee that a professional group diverse in gender, race/ethnicity and culture are ready to serve a similarly diverse population; and
  • fulfilling its covenant of care with the publics it serves.

Adopted Feb. 12, 2001