Steps for DNP Committee Composition

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1. Meet with your chair to discuss the composition of your DNP project Committee

  • The minimum committee size is 3 people and a majority must be Regular Graduate Faculty from the School of Nursing (SON).
    • You may have fixed-term faculty from or outside the SON on your committee but the majority must still be Regular Graduate Faculty. Your chair and I can help you with this.
  • It is advised that you have someone on the committee from the organization or site where you are conducting your project. This person does not have to be doctorally prepared but must be pre-authorized to sit on your committee (See below).

2. Obtain and complete Part I of the “Doctoral Committee Composition Form”

3. Submit the completed committee composition form to Tanya Davis-Powell, DNP program support. She is located in room 1300. You may also send electronically to

  • Please seek confirmation that your documents have been received particularly if you submit electronically. Sometimes electronic transmissions fail.

4. Please submit a CV for the “outside” person with a brief statement of what their contribution to your project will be to Tanya Davis-Powell,, with a copy to the Program Director, Debra J. Barksdale at

  • Each authorization is done on a student by student basis so even if someone from outside the SON has been approved to sit on a MSN committee, for example in the past, this does not mean they are approved to sit on your doctoral committee. Similarly, even if they were approved to sit on a specific doctoral committee in the past, this does not mean they are approved to sit on other doctoral committees.

5. The Program Director will review you committee composition after all the documentation has been received. Approval will be sought from the Graduate School for the “organization/agency” person.

6. You and your chair will be notified of the status of the approval. You should still continue working with your chair on the proposal while these approvals are in process.

7. Please contact the Program Director if you have questions about the process.