Health Professional Seminar

Our next Health Professionals Seminar will be held in 2021, date TBD.

Around the globe, nurses are part of interdisciplinary teams charged with improving health care quality and patient safety. To keep pace with the new approaches for achieving quality and safety, it is important that all educational offerings for nursing students and practicing nurses incorporate content about quality care and patient safety.

The UNC School of Nursing is pleased to offer a 3-week, non-academic credit seminar designed specifically for nurses interested in providing education related to quality and patient safety. This seminar will draw on three strengths on the UNC campus: the Quality Safety and Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative which was founded at UNC in 2005, the newly established Interprofessional Education Office, the expertise of our Associate Dean of Global Initiatives whose research and teaching are focused on quality and patient safety, and our esteemed faculty.

During each session we will:

This highly interactive seminar will include lectures, online modules, exercises, and journaling that will allow you to learn about content, methods, and tools you can use to implement quality and patient safety content into coursework.


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