Hurricane Recovery in Eastern North Carolina


Areas affected by hurricanes in Eastern, NC, including Robeson County, the Anchor in New Hanover and the Episcopal Farmworkers’ Ministry in Sampson County.

What Students Do

Students are part of health outreach at community centers, including health screenings, health services and education for disease prevention and health promotion. Students are also given options to work locally within other agencies in the areas that provide services to migrant Latinx children and families.


This opportunity can be part of NURS320 or an independent one-credit interprofessional service-learning elective for nursing, social work, public health, and other interested students in the health disciplines. The five-day immersive service-learning trip to Robison County and other eastern North Carolina Counties is the Tuesday of spring break with return to Chapel Hill Saturday late afternoon. There are 3 pre-departure and one post trip class meetings on campus or via live zoom sessions.



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