Mansfield awarded pilot grant for system-level HPV vaccine research

Incoming Carolina Nursing faculty member Dr. Lisa Mansfield has received a $30,000 pilot grant from the IMPACT Center Pilot Program supported by the National Cancer Institute. The pilot study, “Understanding the implementation process for HPV vaccine standing orders support in large healthcare systems,” is part of a larger, ongoing randomized control trial that explores the impact of HPV vaccine standing orders support on HPV vaccination for children ages 9 to 12. In collaboration with Dr. Noel Brewer in the Gillings School of Global Public Health, Dr. Mansfield’s pilot study will explore clinic-and system-level strategies that can be used by quality improvement leaders to support the implementation of HPV vaccine standing orders in practice. This pilot study will also inform the integrated package of interventions developed in the randomized control trial.

The IMPACT Program project, led by Dr. Noel Brewer, is a multi-study, five-year funded project from the National Cancer Institute that uses randomized controlled trials to test several approaches to support providers in improving HPV vaccine communication. Dr. Mansfield has been involved with the larger project as a nurse consultant, clinical advisory board member, and lead qualitative researcher for Project 1.