MSN Tuition FAQs

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Why is MSN tuition increasing for the 2011-2012 academic year?
The School of Nursing has taken many steps to meet the budget realities of the coming year and beyond. The state of North Carolina, like much of the nation, has realized some challenging economic times. The University of North Carolina and the School of Nursing have lived with several significant budget cuts that have stretched our capacity to sustain quality. In order to meet operating costs and sustain quality educational programs, tuition is increasing at both the University and School level.

What is the difference between campus-based tuition and School-based tuition?
Campus-based tuition applies campus wide at UNC Chapel Hill. Individual professional schools add on a school-based tuition to the UNC base tuition. School-based tuition differs among various health affairs schools as well as other UNC Chapel Hill professional schools.

How much is the MSN School-based tuition?
The School-based tuition for MSN students attending full time is $550 per semester for fall and spring. Summer tuition does not include school-based tuition and is determined on a per credit hour basis.

How much is the campus-based tuition?
The North Carolina legislature has approved a 6.5 % increase in campus-based tuition per semester for 2011-2012. This brings the campus-based tuition to $3,388.50 (resident) and $11,232.00 (nonresident) for full time graduate students per semester.

When does the increase go into effect?
The tuition increases begin with the fall 2011 semester. You will see it reflected in your July bill. The campus-based increase will apply to all semesters, but the School-based tuition increase is for fall and spring only.

How will funds from the School-based tuition increase be used?
The School-based tuition increase will help maintain the excellent quality of our MSN program by preserving the high level of faculty engagement and outstanding instruction that make Carolina a national leader in nursing.

Why are we hearing about the increase costs of tuition now?
Campus-based tuition is tied to the state budgeting process. School-based tuition also requires external review and approval. Once those processes were finalized we moved to notify you as soon as possible.

What is the cost (tuition and fees) for full-time resident and nonresident MSN students per semester for 2011-2012?

Credit Hours
0-2.9 hrs.
3-5.9 hrs.
6-8.9 hrs.
9 and above

Will financial aid cover the tuition increase?
The additional tuition cost will be figured into your University financial aid package and may make you eligible for more funds (most likely loans).

Where can I get information about financial aid?
Contact the UNC Chapel Hill Office of Scholarships and Student Aid (

What if I’m not able to pay this additional money?
Contact the UNC Chapel Hill Office of Scholarships and Student Aid ( to see if you qualify for additional assistance.

Are other professional schools at UNC Chapel Hill instituting school-based tuition increases for 2011-2012?
Yes, other professional schools at UNC Chapel Hill are instituting school-based tuition increases this year. In fact, some schools have charged school-based tuition for several years.

How does the new tuition compare to that of other top Schools of Nursing?
At $7,877.00 per year, MSN tuition for the UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing remains among the lowest for top-ranked graduate clinical nursing programs. Peer nursing schools at the Universities of Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois-Chicago, and Maryland all have graduate clinical tuition rates for residents that are considerably more per year.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please e-mail us at if you have questions.