SON IIT: Network News

Welcome back from the SON IIT Team!

We have been very busy this summer preparing for the new semester and would like to share reminders, new information, resources and technical support contact information to assist you during the new semester.

Use ONYEN credential to access links below, some links require VPN connections for remote access.


The new solution for video conferencing tool. Zoom Pro Accounts available to all faculty, staff and students.

New Windows 10 users

Please allow extra time for initial login to SON desktop.

Xerox MFD

Send print jobs from your SON desktop, use same access code that you use to copy.

Office 365 2-Step Verification

Will soon be added to email and all Office 365 tools. Watch for communications, and early signup recommended


Severity of successful compromises has increased.

Plase review:

Back up up your data

OneDrive is recommended over hard drive and I: drive; Easily accessible and keeps last 500 modifications! Remove old data from I: drive to decrease the SON storage charges.


Will soon be standard tool for shared data and calendars for collaborative tasks.


Leave Request, Student data, and growing to include convenience links like the SON phone list and technical support requests.

SON Portal

Check it out!

Technical Support

Other and Reminders

Thank you,

The SON IIT Team