The Nursing in the Genomic Era Conference was held at the School of Nursing on Friday April 8. During the conference students taking the Family-Centered Genomic Health Care class displayed poster presentations on various genetic conditions.

See a sample of the creative posters from the student in the slide show here.

Speakers at the conference included:

  • Chuck Perou, PhD
    Professor, Department of Genetics, School of Medicine
    “Genomic analysis of breast tumors and clinical implications”
  • Theresa Swift-Scanlan, PhD, RN
    Assistant Professor
    “Clinical applications of DNA methylation changes in breast cancer”
  • Karen E. Weck, MD, PhD
    Professor, Director of the Molecular Genetic Laboratory
    “Pharmacogenomic testing to predict response to cancer therapy”

These talks were followed by a panel of mothers sharing their family’s story of living with a genetic condition. The conference was organized by Associate Professor Dr. Marcia Van Riper.

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