The School of Nursing regards practice as integral and essential to achieving its mission of advancing the art and science of nursing care to improve lives.

So we’re thrilled to announce the opening of the first School of Nursing-managed faculty practice, located in Hillsborough, NC. The Carolina Community Clinic opened in November 2017 in Hillsborough Pharmacy and Nutrition on Boone Square Street. If you’re in that area, please make use of the expertise of our faculty!

Visit the clinic’s website or read more about the clinic’s opening.

The following are a few of our faculty and their practice sites.

Rumay Alexander, Professor

  • UNC Healthcare
  • UNC School of Public Health
  • UNC School of Dentistry


Diane Berry, Professor and Beerstecher-Blackwell Distinguished Term Scholar

  • UNC Department of Emergency Medicine
  • UNC School of Medicine


Diane CarusoAssistant Professor

  • Cleveland/Northlake Pediatrics
  • Community Care Center


Jean Davison, Associate Professor

  • Piedmont Health Services
  • Carolina Community Clinic


Cheryl Giscombe, Professor

  • Carolina Nursing Associates



Elaine Harwood, Assistant Professor

  • Health Alliance Onsite


Cheryl Jones

Cheryl Jones, Professor

  • UNC Hospitals


Rhonda Lanning, Assistant Professor

  • UNC Volunteer Doula Service
  • North Carolina Women’s Hospital


Deborah Mayer, Professor

  • NC Cancer Hospital
  • UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center


Regina McCarthy, Assistant Professor

  • UNC Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • UNC School Medicine


Ann O’Hale, Assistant Professor

  • UNC Hospitals
  • UNC Health Care


Carrie Palmer, Assistant Professor

  • Division of Internal Medicine & Clinical Epidemiology
  • UNC School of Medicine



Theresa Rafael-Grimm, Professor

  • UNC Department of Psychiatry
  • UNC School of Medicine


Mary Charles Sutphin, Instructor

  • Triangle Physicians for Women


Leslie Sharpe, Instructor

  • Piedmont Health Services


Debbie Travers, Associate Professor

  • UNC Hospitals Emergency Departments

Jennie Wagner, Assistant Professor

  • Rex Healthcare
  • UNC Hospitals


Megan Williams, Assistant Professor

  • UNC Campus Health