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Ashley Leak Bryant, PhD, RN-BC, OCN

Associate Professor and Anne Belcher Interprofessional Faculty Scholar in Nursing


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Nursing
Carrington Hall, CB #7460
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460

Office: 401

Currently Accepting PhD Students

Dr. Ashley Leak Bryant, Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing and Anne Belcher Interprofessional Faculty Scholar in Nursing, is a clinical and research expert in care of adults with blood cancers during and beyond treatment. These blood cancers include lymphomas, leukemias, and multiple myeloma, which, although occurring across the life span, are diagnosed most often in older adults. Her research concentrates in these 2 areas: 1) developing and testing palliative and supportive care interventions for older adults with acute leukemia and 2) exploring the use of patient reported symptoms and quality of life in adults with blood cancers. She is certified in both gerontological (RN-BC) and oncology (OCN) nursing. She is also actively involved with UNC Project-Malawi, Kamuzu Central Hospital, and Kamuzu College of Nursing to build the oncology nursing workforce.

Dr. Bryant earned her BSN and MSN-Nursing Administration from UNC-Greensboro, PhD in Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill, and completed post-doctoral training in cancer care quality at the Gillings School of Global Health at UNC-Chapel Hill.

2019–present Anne Belcher Interprofessional Faculty Scholar in Nursing

2019 Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentorship and Education, UNC School of Nursing

2017-2019 NIH Loan Repayment Program Clinical Scholar

2017 ONS Victoria Mock New Investigator Award

2016 ONS Excellence in Care of the Older Adult with Cancer

2014 Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto Emerging Nurse Scholar

2011-2014 American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Gerontology Content Expert Panel Member

2010 Gordon H. DeFriese Career Development in Aging Research Award, Institute of Aging, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2010 The Pauline W. Brown Diversity Scholarship Award, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing

2009-2011 Nurse Educators for Tomorrow, College Foundation for North Carolina

2009 Interdisciplinary Best Poster, Interdisciplinary Center for Aging Research: Uniting Scientists (ICARUS) Award, NC Aging Exchange


Acute Leukemia

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Multiple Myeloma

*Leblanc, M., LeBlanc, T., Bryant, A.L., Hirschey, R., & Smith, S. (2019). How are patient-reported outcomes and symptoms being measured in adults with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma? A Systematic Review. Quality of Life Research. DOI: 10.1007/s11136-019-02392-6

Gero-Oncology, Physical Activity, Quality of Life Papers

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Global Health

Bingo, S. (2020). What is the role of the oncology nurse leader in building oncology nursing capacity in Malawi? Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 24(2), 215. (mentored nurse leader)

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Role Title Total Direct Amount (FTE if available) Percent Effort Agency Dates
Co-Investigator Meeting Educational Needs Through Optimization of Retention Strategies for Students (MENTORS2) 1,900,000 10% HRSA 2017-2021
Junior Faculty Advisory Committee NCCU/LCCC Disparities Partnership (U54) – Administrative Core $137,391 3% National Cancer Institute (2U54CA156733-06) 2015-2020



Role Title Total Direct Amount (FTE if available) Percent Effort Agency Dates
K Scholar Longitudinal Assessment of Symptoms, Functional Status, and Quality of Life in Adults with Acute Leukemia $209,908


75% National Cancer Institute, UNC Oncology Translational Award (5K12CA120780-07) (K12 Paul Calabresi Career Development Award in Clinical Oncology) 2014-2017
Co-I Implementation of Patient-Reported Outcomes Endpoints in the Acute Myeloid Leukemia Phase IB $20,000 5% Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


PI Exploring barriers and benefits of an inpatient exercise intervention in newly diagnosed patients with acute leukemia $5,000 0% The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Nursing Support Pilots for Advancing Research and Knowledge (SPARK)


PI The Effects of Exercise on Patient-Reported Outcomes in Newly Diagnosed Adults with Acute Leukemia during Induction Treatment: Exercise and Quality of Life in Leukemia Patients (EQUAL) $25,000 0% Alvin R. Tarlov and John E. Ware Post-Doctoral Research Award in Patient Reported Outcomes 2012-2015
Post-Doctoral Fellow Cancer Care Quality Training Post-Doctoral Fellowship $240,000 100% National Cancer Institute (R25CA116339) 2011-2013
Co-I Measuring the Impact of an Oncology Care Partner Program on Caregiver Burden. $40,000 10% University Cancer Research Fund (UL1RR025747) 2009-2011
PI Quality of life of older non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivors. $200,00 100% John A. Hartford Foundation


Pre-Doctoral Fellow Institutional NRSA Grant, Interventions to Prevent and Manage Chronic Illness. $100,000 100% National Institute of Nursing Research (5T32NR007091) 2007-2009

Palliative and supportive care interventions

Patient reported symptoms and outcomes

Quality of life in blood cancers