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Jennifer Leeman, DrPH, MPH, MDiV

Associate Professor Systems/Policy/Informatics 919.966.3648

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Nursing
Carrington Hall, CB #7460
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460

Office: 4005

Currently Accepting PhD Students

Dr. Leeman is an implementation scientist with expertise in the development and evaluation of multi-level strategies to implement and scale-up evidence-based interventions, with a focus on interventions to prevent and manage chronic illness and reduce health disparities. She is principal investigator of the UNC member center in the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN; 2012-2019), an NIH/CDC-funded center that works with seven other centers to advance dissemination and implementation (D&I) science in the area of cancer prevention and control. Dr. Leeman also serves as Co-Principal Investigator on a CDC-funded implementation study of a healthy lifestyle intervention in health departments and Federally Qualified Health Centers. She is currently or has been the lead implementation scientist on externally-funded studies testing strategies to implement and scale-up evidence-based interventions in partnership with departments of public health, Federally Qualified Health Centers, primary care clinics, skilled nursing facilities, adult care homes, nurse home visitor programs, and rural emergency departments. Dr. Leeman directs the Dissemination Core of UNC’s CDC-funded Prevention Research Center, is co-director of the School of Nursing’s T32 training program in Interventions to Prevent and Manage Chronic Illness, and is faculty in the UNC CTSA’s Dissemination and Implementation Methods unit.

2016 Research in Nursing & Health Best Paper of 2016
2012 Arnold Kaluzny Distinguished Alumni Award, Public Health Leadership Program, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Books and Chapters

Cohen, D., Crabtree, B. F., Damschroder, L., Hamilton, A. B., Heurtin-Roberts, S., Leeman, J., Padgett, D. K., Palinkas, L., Rabin, B., Reisinger, H. S. (2018). Qualitative Methods in Implementation Science. National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences. Available at

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Articles in Refereed Journals

(*data based, †student author, ‡ senior author)

*‡†Allgood, S., Samuel-Hodge, C., Cykert, S., & Leeman, J. (In Press). Adapting an evidence-based intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease in a rural, predominantly African American community: A case report. Public Health Nursing.

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‡†Myers, A., Knocke, K., & Leeman, J. (2019). Tapping into multiple data “springs” to strengthen policy streams: A guide to the types of data needed to formulate local-level retail tobacco control policy. Preventing Chronic Disease, 16, 180282.

*Calo, W. A., Gilkey, M. B., Leeman, J., MacKinnon, J., Averette, C., Sanchez, S., Kornides, M., Brewer, N. T. (2019). Coaching primary care clinics for HPV vaccination quality improvement: Comparing in-person and webinar implementation. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 9, 23-31.

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Digital scholarship

Ammerman, A., Leeman, J., Sommers, J., & Aycock, N. (co-developers). Center for Training and Research Translation website. Disseminates interventions, online trainings, and other resources to public health practitioners working in obesity prevention nationwide (

Leeman, J., Aycock, N., & Moore, A. (co-developers). Research4NC. Disseminates UNC-researcher developed interventions and other resources to North Carolina practitioners (

Leeman, J., & Lowe, A. (co-developers). Provides access to indicators, evaluation measures, and data sources for practitioners working to prevent obesity by changing policy, systems, and environments (PSE) (

Gilkey, M., Brewer, N., McKinnon, J., Callo, W., & Leeman, J. HPV IQ: Immunization Quality Improvement Tools (

Principal Investigator – Pending (Funded)

Leeman, J. Multiple Principal Investigator (Samuel-Hodge, C.:MPI). Taking the Med-South Lifestyle Program to Scale, Center for Health Promotion Disease Prevention Core Project, CDC, 2019-2024, $3,000,000

Principal Investigator – Currently Funded

Leeman, J., Multiple Principal Investigator (Santacroce, S.: MPI). T32: Interventions for Preventing and Managing Chronic Illness: T32 NR007091. NINR/NIH, 2016-2021, $2,408,027

Leeman, J., Multiple Principal Investigator (Wheeler, S.: MPI of Coordinating Center; Leeman, J. MPI of Collaborating Center). Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network and Collaborating Center, U48 DP005017-SIP CDC/NIH, 2014 – 2019, $3,750,000

Co-Investigator – Currently Funded

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Rethink the Strip: De-adoption of Glucose Monitoring for Non-Insulin Treated Type 2 Diabetes in Primary Care, DI-2018C1-10853, (MPIs: Donahue & Young). PCORI  2/2019 -12/21

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Phase 2: Connect-Home: Scaling-up Transitional Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities. (PI: Toles). Weinberg Foundation, 7/2019 – 6/2020 $75,000

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Adapting an Evidence-Based Program that Improves Oral Hygiene and Health for Assisted Living Residents with Dementia, R01 AG061966, (PI: Zimmerman). NIA/NIH, 2019-2023

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Scaling Colorectal Cancer Screening Through Outreach, Referral, and Engagement (SCORE): A State-Level Program to Reduce Colorectal Cancer Burden in Vulnerable Populations, 1UG3CA233251, (PI: Reuland). NCI/NIH, 9/1/18 – 8/31/23, $535,290

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. HeartHome: Nurse-driven home-based cardiac rehab. (PI: Jones). The Duke Endowment. 7/1/18-6/30/20. $710,000

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Nurse-Family Partnership Mental Health Innovation (PI: Beeber). Hillman Foundation, 1/2018-12/2019

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Carolina Heart Alliance Networking for Greater Equity (CHANGE). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U48 DP005017, (MPIs: Cykert & Samuel-Hodge), CDC, 2014 – 2019, $1,125,000

Leeman, J., Faculty. Dissemination & Implementation Methods Unit of the CARES Core of UNC’s Translation & Clinical Science Center, 1 UL1TR001111, NIH (PI: Buse, 2014-2024).

Faculty on Training Grants – Currently Funded

Cancer Care Quality Training Program R25, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health (PI: Basch).

Cancer Control Education Program T32, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (PI: Ribisl).

Principal Investigator – Completed

Leeman, J. Principal Investigator (Wiecha, J.:RTI Subcontract PI). Awareness and Use of School Health Tools and Resources, CDC, 2015-2018, $580,000

Leeman, J., Principal Investigator (Wiecha, J. Co-PI). Developing a tool to assess practitioner capacity to change policies and environments, TraCS (2/2014-1/2015). $50,000.

Leeman, J., Principal Investigator, Building capacity to disseminate UNC-developed evidence-based interventions to NC’s public health and community-based practitioners, UNC-CH Non-Recurring Overhead Funds (7/1/13 – 6/30/15). $103,000.

Leeman, J., Co-Principal Investigator. Center of Excellence in Training and Research Translation for the Obesity Prevention Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (A. Ammerman, PI), 2009 – 2014, $3,166,359.

Leeman, J., Principal Investigator since 2012. Cancer Control Collaborating Center NC, CDC/NIH, 2009-2014, $1,499,696.

Leeman, J., Fellow. UNC Mentored Career Development Program in Comparative Effectiveness Research, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (M. Weinberger, PI, 2010-2013).

Leeman, J., Site Principal Investigator Pragmatic Evaluation to Enhance Primary Care Based Goal Setting and Evidence-Based Support for Health Behavior and Psychosocial Issues through Meaningful Use of Patient-Centered Data and Tools, National Cancer Institute/NIH (PI: Glasgow, 9/12-8/13). $40,000.

Leeman, J., Site-Principal Investigator, Understanding and applying evidence in local public health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to Washington University (PI: R. Brownson, 6/12-9/13). $42,000.

Leeman, J., Principal Investigator. Healthy Lifestyles Learning Cluster: Translating Data & Research into Action, UNC TraCS Institute (M. Smith, Co-PI), 2010 – 2011, $50,000.

Leeman, J., Principal Investigator.  Translating Diabetes Research Findings to Improve Practice with Diverse Populations. Pilot Study. Center for Innovation in Health Disparities Research. National Institute of Nursing Research, NIH (C. McQuiston, PI), 2004-2005.

Co-Investigator – Completed

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Heterogeneity in Obesity: Transdisciplinary Approaches for Precision Research and Treatment (PI: Gordon-Larsen). UNC’s Creativity Hub Initiative. 7/1/2018-6/30-2019, $250,000

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Connect-Home: Scaling-up Transitional Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities. (PI: Toles). Weinberg Foundation, 1/2018 – 12/2018 $125,000

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Impact of AFIX and Physician-to-Physician engagement on HPV vaccination in primary care: An RCT. (MPIs:Brewer and Gilkey). CDC, 8/2017-12/2018 $1,499,256

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Connect-Home: Sustaining Transitional Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities. (PI: Toles) John A. Hartford Foundation/Atlantic Philanthropies, 1/2017 – 12/2017 $65,000

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Maternal and Child Health Workforce Development Center Program. (PI: Cilenti) HRSA (9/2016-9/2018)

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Adolescent AFIX: A multi-state RCT to increase adolescent immunization by facilitating primary care clinics’ implementation of best practices, RWJF (PIs: N. Brewer, M. Gilkey, Co-PI, 2013-2016). $350,000

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Nurse Education, Practice, Quality, and Retention – Interprofessional Collaborative Practice. (PI: Havens). HRSA (7/2014-6/2017). $1,500,000

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Mixed methods synthesis of research on childhood chronic conditions and family, National Institute of Nursing Research, NIH (PI: Knafl, 9/11 – 6/16). $1,750,000

Leeman, J. Co-Investigator, Disseminating point of sale control resources. CDC, (PI: Ribisl, K., 9/14-9/16). $116,999

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Applying a Novel, Simulation-Based Dissemination Approach to Increase EBI Adoption Interest. (PI: Kneipp) TraCS (5/2014-4/2015). $50,000.

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. A Feasibility Study of Demand for Diabetes Prevention Evidence-Based Interventions. (PIs: Samuel-Hodge) TraCS (5/2014-4/2015). $50,000.

Leeman, J., Faculty, Research Training in Health Care Quality and Patient Outcomes, National Institute of Nursing Research/NIH (B. Mark, PI), 2009 – 2014.

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator, UNC Center for Nutrition & Obesity Policy Research, Evaluation, & Dissemination, CDC (PI: A. Ammerman, 10/12-9/14). $140,000

Leeman, J., Evaluation Lead, Measuring the impact: Health equity and the NC Community Transformation Grant Project, NC DHHS (PI: L. Carter-Edwards, Phase 1 6/1/13-9/30/13). $90,000 (planning phase).

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator, Partnering with NC Community Colleges to Prevent Cancer Among Students, Employees and Community Residents, University Cancer Research Fund, (L. Linnan, PI, 1/1/11-12/31/11).

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Center of Excellence in Training and Translation for the Wisewoman and Obesity Prevention Programs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (A. Ammerman, PI), 2004 – 2009, $3,451,229.

Leeman, J., Co-Investigator. Integrating Qualitative & Quantitative Research Findings, National Institute of Nursing Research/NIH (M. Sandelowski, PI), 2008-2010 (years I was on grant), $1,806,496.

Leeman, J., Faculty, Cancer Care Quality Research Training Program, National Cancer Institute/NIH (B. Weiner, PI), 2008 – 2013.

Leeman, J., Faculty, Dissemination Core, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, National Cancer Institute/NIH (C. Melvin, Core Director), 2009-2010.

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  • Systematically reviewing the literature
  • Disseminating evidence-based interventions
  • Building clinician/practitioner capacity to change policies and environments