Julee Waldrop, DNP, PNP, FAANP, FAAN

Children’s Health, Online Learning, Quality Improvement



The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Nursing
Carrington Hall, CB #7460
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460

Office: 423

Julee Waldrop is a certified as a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner, a family nurse practitioner, a pediatric mental health specialist and a nurse educator.  She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and serves as the Associate Editor for the Journal for Nurse Practitioners, the premier clinical journal for the NP profession. She practices on an as needed basis with the Mobile County Health Department as a provider in the Pediatrics Department.

Julee is an advocate for high quality graduate nursing education and faculty scholarship. She is currently mentoring junior faculty in scholarship and writing for publication and is a coach in the Duke University-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program.

She has a book coming out on July 17th titled:  Best Practices for Flipping the College Classroom.  Available from Routledge Publishers and on Amazon


She has also self-published with former graduate students a book titled:  Pediatric Case Studies to Develop Diagnostic Reasoning.  Available on Amazon for Kindle at: http://www.amazon.com/Pediatric-Studies-Develop-Diagnostic-Reasoning-ebook/dp/B00LZTE4TI/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Julee has been married for 36 years to Tony Waldrop, they have two wonderful grown sons who are on their own but luckily they still have a German Shepherd daughter at home. Julee has been an athlete all her life and is an advocate for physical activity as an important part of physical and mental health. She strives to set a good example in this area despite adapting to the relentless aging process.

2014 Fellow. American Association of Nurse Practitioners

2013 Finalist for March of Dimes-Central Florida Division Nurse of the Year

2013 Top 3 Blogs of 2013, Clinical Advisor 2013 Countdown Contest for: “State Medical Boards Trying to Limit Who can be Called Doctor”

2008 Outstanding Faculty Practice Award. National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty. Annual Conference, Lexington, KY.

Selected Publications over last 5 years


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Favorite Blogs:


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January 2015

RO3 Submitted with Linda Beeber and Anne Wheeler on Adaptive Interventions for Maternal Well-Being.

Dr. Waldrop has over 20 years of clinical experience and 20 years of teaching experience at the graduate level. Waldrop’s clinical expertise is in pediatrics, particularly newborns and adolescents. Her research has focused on promotion of safe and healthy newborns.  In her most recent faculty position before returning to UNC she was the coordinator of the DNP program at the University of Central Florida.

Dr.  Waldrop is currently involved in two areas of research at UNC. One area focuses on improving the quality of interactions between mothers suffering from depression and their young children in early intervention programs. The other area is focused on assessing and improving health in women and young children in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.