Laurice Ferris

Retired Faculty
Nursing Education

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  • Adult Health Assessment Programs for NC Public Health Nurses. Subcontract with NC-DEHNR, Division of
    Adult Health Promotion, Funding $18,500 (1993) and $101,483 (1993-1994).
  • Training Public Health Nurses Involved in Early Childhood Interventions. Contract with NC-DEHNR,
    Division of Mental Health, Funding $15,000 (1992).
  • Horne Care and Hospice Care Continuing Education Grant Proposal. 3 year project. Submitted to Kate B.
  • Reynolds Heath Trust, October 1,1988. Funded December, 1988-1991, $262,681.
  • Protective Services for the Elderly. Training program contract, NC Division of Social Services, one year,
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  • Grant Proposal: Geriatric Education Center. Joint project by UNC-CH Schools of Medicine, Nursing,
    Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health and Social Work, Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources
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    September, 1988.
  • North Carolina NCAST Project Grant. Kate B. Reynolds Health Care Trust, two year funding, $151,193.
  • Co-investigators, Pat Jackson and Laurice Ferris. Submitted April 1, 1987. Approved, not funded.
  • North Carolina NCAST Project. Council on Developmental Disabilities grant for operational funding. Funded for $4,200 June 1 1985 – May 31 1986.
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