Marianne Cockroft, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor
Public Health and Community Practice


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Nursing
Carrington Hall, CB #7460
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460

Office: 5010

Marianne Cockroft, PhD, MNEd, RN is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at UNC-Chapel Hill. A nursing educator for a range of educational contexts (i.e., University professor, community college instructor, hospital community educator), Dr. Cockroft’s public and community health nursing, disease prevention, and health and safety promotion work has served populations across the lifespan—from infants to senior citizens—and has mostly addressed high risk behaviors, chronic diseases in aging, and self-care. In her career she has demonstrated a high level of motivation to engage in assessing health needs for individuals and families and to serve special, and often overlooked, populations with unmet health care needs. Dr. Cockroft has experience in conducting community assessments and developing interventions to address community needs, such as her creation of a playgroup for parents and their toddlers as a child abuse prevention strategy.

Her portfolio of accomplishments also includes establishing a wellness center for Durham County, NC seniors; establishing partnerships with school health and occupational health clinical sites; and developing ways for public libraries to provide clinical teaching opportunities. Dr. Cockroft’s career in public health nursing has also revolved around forging connections and partnerships—creating and strengthening relationships between parents and their children, between patients and community resources, and between education and service partners.

  • 2013 PhD Award for Excellence. UNC-Greensboro School of Nursing. Sigma Theta Tau International, Gamma Zeta chapter.

Refereed Papers/Articles

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Refereed Presentations

  • Co-Presenter, Cockroft, M. & Selinger, R. (2014, May). Self-care behaviors of college students with diabetes. Podium presentation at the meeting of the American College Health Association, San Antonio, TX.
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    addressing high-risk teen behaviors. Podium presentation at the meeting of the Health Ministry Association, Durham, NC.


  • Cockroft, M. (2003, February). Chronic diseases in aging. Christ Church, Raleigh, NC.
  • Cockroft, M. (1994, March). Breast cancer awareness. Poster presentation at Women’s Forum,
    Phoenixville Hospital, Phoenixville, PA.

Funded (Active)

  • Principle Investigator. Chronic Disease Self-Management Outreach Project. 5% work effort. Christ the King Lutheran Church. December 2015-December 2016.

Training Grants

  • Principal Investigator.  A Wellness Center for Senior Citizens in Durham County. Area Health Education Center, 2007-2008.
  • Recipient, North Carolina Healthy Schools Mini-Grant. Promoting Teen Health and Safety.  NC PTA Health and Welfare Commission, 2006-2007. Matching Funds from Town of Cary.
  • Principal Investigator.  Continuation Grant.  School Health Experiences in Orange and Durham Counties. Area Health Education Centers, 2006-2007.
  • Principal Investigator.  School Health Experiences in Orange and Durham Counties.  Area Health Education Centers, 2005-2006.
  • Principal Investigator.  School Health Preceptor and Site Development for Undergraduate Nursing Students.  Area Health Education Centers, 2003-2004.
  • Principal Investigator: Foster, B., Co-Investigator: Cockroft, M. Occupational Health Clinical Site Development for Undergraduate Nursing Students. Area Health Education Centers, 2002-2003.