Patrick L McMurray, MSN, RN

Nurse Specialist

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
ITS Manning
211 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
CB #2500

Patrick McMurray is a second-generation nurse. His primary clinical background is in adult cardiovascular critical care. Patrick received his Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) at Robeson Community College (RCC) in 2013. He received his Bachelors and Masters in Nursing from Western Governors University.

Patrick has previously taught pharmacology to ADN and Practical Nursing (LPN) students at RCC. Patrick’s scholarly interests include equity in nursing education, cardiovascular care, decolonizing nursing, symptom science, and citizen science. In his spare time, Patrick gets absorbed in his favorite pastimes: reading sci-fi and fantasy books, hiking, traveling, amateur astronomy, and watercolor painting. Patrick speaks French and is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.