Connecting Audio and Radio Sensing Systems to Improve Care At Home

AURA—Connecting Audio and Radio Sensing Systems to Improve Care At Home

Principal Investigator: Nirjon & Song
Funded by: National Library of Medicine | R01 with Multiple Principal Investigators

A collaboration with Dr. Shahriar Nirjon and Dr. Mohit Bansal in the UNC Department of Computer Science, this project will leverage the existing novel web-based intervention PRISMS (PI: Song, funded by the NCI Cancer Alliance) and the audio-based voice assistant devices, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home to optimize the personalized intervention for post-surgical cancer patients and their family caregivers.

By combining audio and radio sensing, the audio-based voice assistant devices will gather relevant patient information automatically and interactively and store patients’ health records in an electronic system used by the entire care team, including the patient, family members, caregivers and healthcare providers at remote sites. While this project will study the performance of AURA when used in the homes of post-surgery cancer patients, AURA is designed to help recovering patients in a wide range of scenarios.

Principal Investigator