Medical Optimization and Management of Pregnancies with Overt Type 2 Diabetes (MOMPOD)

Funded by: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development | R01 Grant with Multiple Principal Investigators

Over 100,000 pregnant women with overt type 2 diabetes give birth in the United States every year, and strict maternal glycemic control is the key to improving infant outcomes. Currently, over one-third of infants born to women with type 2 diabetes experience an adverse outcome, such as premature delivery, large-for-gestational age, or birth trauma, suggesting that current treatment regimens fall short of optimizing outcomes.

The long-range goal of this study is to optimize maternal and infant outcomes by studying the efficacy and safety of metformin — the pharmacologic treatment of choice for type 2 diabetes outside of pregnancy — for treatment of type 2 diabetes among pregnant women. Dr. Berry is a principal investigator with Dr. Kim Boggess at the UNC School of Medicine.