The application for our RN to MSN program is coming soon!

Information for current students about our legacy RN to MSN programs is available here.

Health Care Leadership and Administration Program Overview

Beginning fall 2019, registered Nurses with an Associate’s Degree or Diploma in Nursing are eligible to apply directly to Carolina Nursing’s online Health Care Leadership and Administration (HCLA) Master’s Program.

The HCLA program offers students the opportunity to develop a robust foundation in systems-thinking, organization theory, human resource management, health care policy and advocacy, and leadership development.

This newly online HCLA program of study will include required on campus immersion experiences each semester. The immersion experiences will provide students the opportunity to engage face-to-face with faculty, peers, and health care leaders during 1–5 day sessions, supporting program objectives and growth toward professional goals.

This program is designed to be flexible and convenient to complete, as students will be able to maintain current employment while enrolled.

We offer tailored clinical experiences, with clinical placements in administration, leadership, quality improvement, human resource management, and integrative residency courses convenient to you, for a total of 420 clinical hours. Students will have the opportunity to complete a range of quality improvement and leadership-focused projects that are excellent resume-builders.

Carolina Nursing has a robust group of experienced, industry-leading faculty and preceptors who are focused on your success!

Registered nurses must complete 51 college-level credits including specific pre-nursing courses prior to enrollment in the master’s program. (Applicants must have completed all prerequisites by the January application deadline.)

Applicants must meet admissions requirements of the University’s Graduate School as well as the School of Nursing’s requirements for master’s applicants. Due to course sequencing, RN-MSN applicants are only admitted for fall term matriculation.

Registered nurse applicants will complete the integrated online Graduate School/MSN Application, having a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale (using only courses that comprise the 51 pre-requisite course credits) is expected. Additionally, applicants must also have minimally one year clinical experience as a Registered Nurse prior to the application deadline.

The prerequisite academic courses below may be taken at any accredited college or university. To verify prerequisite coursework please follow the steps for transcript evaluation found here:

English Composition 3 credits
Humanities (e.g., history, fine arts, literature, philosophy) 9 credits
Biological Sciences, including Anatomy and Physiology 12 credits
Other Sciences (e.g., chemistry, physics) 6 credits
Human Growth & Development 3 credits
Social Sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science) 12 credits
Statistics (taken within 10 years of the application deadline with an earned grade of C or better) 3 credits
Elective (humanities, science or social science) 3 credits
TOTAL 51 credits

RN to MSN students will complete the following three online undergraduate courses following admission to the program prior to enrolling in a master’s level clinical course.

NURS 491 Improving Nursing Practice: Application of Concepts, Theories and Research (3 credits)
This course emphasizes analysis of clinical problems which affect the nursing care of selected populations. Students also apply the nursing process, therapeutic communication skills, and teaching-learning principles in clinical situations.

NURS 492 Conceptual Bases of Professional Nursing Practice (3 credits)
Selected concepts and theories are explored as a basis for making judgments and decisions in nursing practice. Critical thinking skills are developed as an essential component of professional practice.

NURS 494 Community Health Nursing for the Public’s Health (6 credits)
Prepares RN students for population-focused practice in community health nursing. Analyses and applications of selected theories, and health promotion/protection.

* A total of 35 advanced placement credits will be granted to registered nurse students by the School of Nursing following successful completion of NURS 491 and 492.

Following the completion of these courses, students will complete 33 masters-level credit hours in the HCLA curriculum. The full list of HCLA courses can be found here.

Please Note: Health Care Leadership and Administration is the only track available to RN to MSN students. Admission priority will be given to RN to MSN students who commit to full-time study, enabling them to graduate in three years.

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