Active and visionary thinking, the fearless advancement of innovation through creativity, and the pursuit of unrestrained scientific inquiry on behalf of people in need: this is how Carolina nurses change lives, and this is how the UNC School of Nursing shapes a profession.

Areas of Expertise

Seniors are the most rapidly growing patient population in the US. Developing new methodologies for educating caregivers and improving tools for evidence-based care creates better health outcomes for aging adults.

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Center of Excellence in Nursing Education
Best Nursing Schools: Undergraduate
Best Nursing Schools: Masters
among nursing schools worldwide in the 2021 Shanghai Ranking‘s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects
in the 2021 QS Top Universities World Ranking of Colleges of Nursing

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Faculty Spotlight

Jessica Zègre-Hemsey, PhD, RN

Dr. Zègre-Hemsey is an associate professor with expertise in emergency cardiac care.

Her research was recently used to inform the American Heart Association’s national guidelines for heart attack care. Read more about her work here.