A New Home for Carolina Nursing

About the New Nursing Education Building

Carolina Nursing’s home, Carrington Hall, has a rich history of more than fifty years, but today its classrooms leak, many offices are closed due to leeching asbestos, its electrical systems create safety hazards, and its hallways and public spaces are over-crowded and fail to comply with ADA standards.

These shortcomings inhibit the ability of our faculty to perform the instruction and research that are crucial to advancing our profession. They impede the course of learning for our future nurses. And, importantly, they limit the number of qualified students we can accept into our program.

As a world-class center of teaching, research, and service, we are long overdue for a building that matches our reputation for excellence. To address the shortcomings of our current facility, Carolina Nursing is in the design phase of a new Nursing Education Building.

A new home for Carolina Nursing provides at once a thrilling opportunity and a weighty responsibility: to design a building that not only represents, but fosters, the quality and reputation of the program it houses.

This world-class facility will: