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Interventions for Preventing & Managing Chronic Illness

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Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships at Carolina Nursing: Preventing and Managing Chronic Illness

Carolina Nursing’s pre- and postdoctoral T32 funding supports community-engaged research aimed at preventing and managing chronic illness using multilevel, theory-based interventions.

Read the article below to learn more about how our T32 grant will prepare nurse scientists to build programs of interdisciplinary research.

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Since 1996, the School of Nursing has been recipient of an Institutional Training Grant from the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Nursing Research (T32NR007091). The focus of the training is the development and testing of theory-based interventions for preventing and managing chronic illness. The most recent competing renewal (07/01/2021-06/30/26; MPIs: S. Santcroce/S. Kneipp) emphasizes the use of intervention mapping, community-engaged research approaches, and developing and testing multilevel interventions.

The training grant provides funding for four postdoctoral and seven pre-doctoral trainees per year. School of Nursing faculty and faculty from across campus mentor these trainees by providing research experiences to build the trainees’ skills.  The program’s goal is to prepare nurse scientists to develop and test complex, theory-driven interventions that are scalable and can be translated into clinical practice.  Trainees may focus on either prevention or management of chronic illness in the population, age group, or clinical group of interest to them.

T32 pre-doctoral awards are for one year and are renewable for a total of up to three years based on academic performance and scholarly productivity during the appointment period.  Pre-doctoral trainees will work on their mentor’s funded research projects and develop a portfolio that will include presentations, publications, and individual NRSA applications (F31).  Pre-doctoral trainees must be a United States citizen or permanent resident who has been accepted to or is currently enrolled in the School of Nursing’s PhD Program. Accepted applicants to the PhD program will be considered for the T32 based on the fit between their research interests and the focus of the T32, their academic record, and other aspects of their PhD program application. A separate application is not required.

T32 postdoctoral awards are also for one year and may be renewed for a second year based on scholarly productivity during the appointment period. Postdoctoral trainees work with a faculty mentor and are also expected to produce scholarly work, apply for funding, and actively participate in an interdisciplinary research center relevant to their research.  Additionally, postdoctoral fellows are expected to develop their own project that builds on existing infrastructure and ongoing research projects.

To Apply +

To apply for a postdoctoral traineeship, applications must be a United States citizen or permanent resident with a BSN or MSN, and have fulfilled all the requirements for the PhD in nursing or a related field.

 Apply for the postdoctoral traineeship here.

If you have questions, please contact one of the T32 Directors: Dr. Sheila Santacroce at or Dr. Shawn Kneipp at

Benefits +

  • 60% of the tuition charged by the School of Nursing
  • Monthly stipend
  • Fixed amount of funds for research training related expenses including health insurance
  • Individualized research mentoring and career planning
  • Participation in regular research and integrative seminars
  • Methodological consultation including Biobehavioral methods
  • Assistance with grant development and submission
  • Opportunity to work with interdisciplinary research leaders


Contact Program Directors Dr. Sheila Santacroce or Dr. Shawn Kneipp.