Improving Electronic Health Records

Principal Investigator: Saif Khairat, PhD, MPH,
Funded by: National Library of Medicine

On a given day, ICU providers typically spend about 3.3 hours using electronic health records (EHR) and respond to 187 alerts per patient. Over the course of one month they will monitor approximately 2.5 million patient data points. Poor design of EHR can cause providers to miss important patient information, which can impede their decision-making and adversely affect patient safety and quality of care.

Visualization is the science of transforming text into a visual display, and dashboards can be used to visually organize data and hold the potential to reduce information overload. Khairat and his research team will find areas of information overload within EHR and test how displaying patient data on a dashboard will affect ICU providers’ decision-making, efficiency, workload and fatigue.