Victoria Soltis-Jarrett | Sevenhill Associates Psychiatric Treatment

Victoria Soltis-Jarrett | Sevenhill Associates, PA

I have a strong belief that nursing is a practice discipline and requires nurses to maintain their ability to work with individuals, families and communities in order to be able to teach both undergraduate and graduate (APRN) nursing students.

Victoria Soltis-Jarrett, PhD, PMHNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN

Professor Victoria Soltis-Jarrett brings over 30 years of experience to her work as a nurse practitioner at Sevenhill Associates, PA. The clinic provides vital psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy for couples, individuals and families. Providers at Sevenhill Associates, PA work with patients to assess and manage substance use and behavioral health symptoms and disorders.

Soltis-Jarrett builds upon her expertise in somatic symptom disorders, factitious disorders and treatment resistant depression to provide mentorship to NP alumni. When needed, she extends a hand to consult with non-PMHNPs on complex cases.

The sharing and discussion of clinical cases promotes collegiality and learning peer-to-peer and through mentoring relationships.

Victoria Soltis-Jarrett

A firm advocate of education and collaboration, Soltis-Jarrett has been a preceptor for PMHNP students and uses HRSA training grants to bring clinical cases and situations into the classroom in real time.