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 Carolina Nursing is delighted to announce the coming of a new curriculum to its Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program beginning in the fall of 2020. Learn more in the video below!

Interested in learning more about our new PhD curriculum? Please check out the new PhD curriculum map here.

Our vision is to prepare a diverse group of graduates who are highly capable and driven to engage in a career devoted to research and scholarly scientific activities that enhance the health of individuals, families and communities; using biobehavioral, psychosocial and ecological approaches; that increase the effectiveness of health care systems; and further the translation of research into practice.

The PhD program in Nursing at UNC is one of the best in the country.  We:

  • Prepare nursing scholars to conduct scientific studies consistent with the program vision: to enhance the health of individuals, families and communities; increase the effectiveness of health care systems; and further the translation of research into practice.
  • Have consistently been identified as one of the top Schools of Nursing in the country. A variety of faculty research grants provides multiple opportunities for research training, interdisciplinary collaboration, and professional development. These opportunities provide an outstanding training context to ensure that our graduates are prepared to assume scientific leadership roles early in their research careers.

  • Are part of a cutting-edge research-intensive university, with a wonderfully rich and diverse environment within which to conduct research.

  • Are part of an extraordinarily strong health science division that includes public health, pharmacy, medicine, social work and dentistry – all of which are located on the main campus of the University.
  • Are part of a University that is home to 121 interdisciplinary research centers, institutes, and initiatives that bring faculty together across campus to collaborative research-focused areas. SON faculty, doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows are highly active members of many of these centers.

Among the many outstanding resources that are available to our PhD students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the following are housed within, and managed by the School of Nursing:

To provide adequate mentoring, we want to assure that your planned research aligns well with the scientific expertise of one or more faculty members. This is what we refer to as a faculty-student “match”.  This match may take a number of different forms. One type of match occurs when you are studying the same problem as is the faculty member – say, cardiovascular disease, or cancer, or increasing access to care for diverse populations. Another type of match occurs when you are using the same methodological approach as the faculty member – this might be qualitative or quantitative, cross-sectional or longitudinal, or observational or experimental. Another kind of match occurs when you are studying similar populations, say, children or the elderly.  Some examples of how our students have aligned their dissertation research within their faculty mentor’s program of research are described in more detail here. Needless to say, this is not an exhaustive list, which is why we provide an opportunity for you to communicate your research interests to selected faculty before you decide to apply.

Please take some time to review the information here, and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email the Office of Student Affairs.




Linda Beeber, PhD, RN, FAAN
Assistant Dean, PhD Program