Pamplona, Spain


The University of Navarra School of Nursing is located in Pamplona, Spain. Pamplona is the capital of Navarra which is in the Northern part of Spain.

What Students Do

Students have the opportunity to visit healthcare sites including both a private and a public hospital. In addition, they can work with nurse researchers on a variety of projects. They also have the opportunity to interact with students from around the world if the International Nursing Program is in session while visiting.


Pamplona is a peaceful city that offers a great many parks and garden. You can travel to Madrid and Barcelona, as well as France in a few hours by car, bus or train. Places of interest for a day trip are the coastal city San Sebastian, a visit to a castle (e.g., Placio Real de Olite & Museo Castillo De Javier), a winery (Bodegas Franco-Españolas & Marqués de Risca), or a small fishing town (e.g., San Jean de Luz) in France. If you enjoy walking, you might want to walk part of the Carmino de Santiago, a famous pilgrimage in Spain.


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