Frequently Asked Questions

Are scholarships or funding available for the VIS program? +

Unfortunately, no. Our VIS program is self-funded and much of the cost of running the program is paid by the VIS program fee.

How much should I expect to pay while I am at UNC as a Visiting International Scholar? +

As per the U.S. State Department, the minimum amount of money each VIS has to show us in their bank accounts or other funding sources is $2000.00 per month for living expenses plus the $1000.00 per month for the program fee. Scholars whose spouses or children accompany them need to show an additional $800.00 per month for their spouse and $400.00 per child per month.  Additionally, the VIS needs to obtain health insurance that meets the U.S. State Department’s requirement for the VIS and family members.

Do you provide housing? +

No, the scholars are expected to find their own housing and it is not included in our fee. Airfare and other travel is also not included in our fee.

How long does it take to obtain my official acceptance and documentation to enter the United States? +

Usually, we can accept a potential VIS into the program within several weeks of receiving their application. We recommend that potential scholars start the process at least four to six months before they would like to arrive on campus.

Can my family members come with me? +

Yes, immediate family members may be eligible under a J-2 visa.

Do I need to be a nurse or a nursing student? +

No, you don’t have to be a nurse or nursing student. However, you need to have a minimum of a master’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in a field related to your desired area of study.  Scholars with a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience in their field are also given consideration and eligible to apply.

What am I expected to do as a VIS? +

Each VIS works with their mentor to develop an overall study plan and focus research area for their visit. They should have formulated these ideas before arriving to UNC. Once here, scholars participate in relevant research, seminars, and other research activities.  Scholars are not allowed to engage in clinical practice or treatment of patients.

Is an English test score mandatory? +

Please visit this website to learn more information.

Who can I choose as my faculty mentor? +

Any of the faculty members at UNC School of Nursing can potentially be your mentor. Determinations are made based on the desire of the scholar, area of study, and the faculty availability. Please suggest more than one mentor when you contact us.

Can I be involved in a practice while at UNC? +

No. The U.S. State Department regulations forbid nurses with a J-1 visa status from participating in clinical activities.