2011 SON Global Health Awards

Congratulations to the School of Nursing students and faculty who received global health awards this year. These awards are primarily from the School’s global health funds, which are generated from the Visiting Scholars program. This year $22,000 was awarded.

Applications were reviewed by three teams from the Global Nursing Advisory Council (GNAC) joined by faculty who received awards in previous years. Award amounts are primarily based on airfare to the destination. We were still unable to fund all who applied. Through the GNAC we have focused our areas of support so that students and faculty are helping expand our capacity in global health but also are involved in sustainable work, either through service that can be built on from year to year, or in developing scholarship opportunities. We are particularly pleased to award two Cronenwett Global Awards designated for undergraduate students (see Global Study Award Helps Students Gain World Experiences).

We continue our long time relationship with Guatemala through Chris Harlan, Oaxaca through Norma Hawthorne, and Kenya both for Reach Out through adjunct faculty Dr. Pam McQuide and for Carolina for Kibera, which is a non-profit started by a former Carolina student. The Atlantis Project is a campus project in Portugal that through our students has developed ongoing work in health care. We have faculty and doctoral students who were active in the Thai International Nursing Conference and now the International Family Conference, both excellent scholarship development opportunities. We are pleased to have these outstanding Global Ambassadors! Visit the SON Global Health web page, primarily built by Graduate Assistant Christina Kim.

2011 Global Health Awards

Cronenwett Undergraduate Global Health Awards
Tina Evans Guatemala Casa Jackson Center for Malnourished Infants, Hospital Nacional de Jutiapa
Rebeca Moretto Guatemala Hospital Nacional de Antigua
Undergraduate Awards
Hannah Tosco Guatemala Casa Jackson/Casa San Jose
David Ngugi Kenya Carolina for Kibera
Samuel Njenga Kenya Carolina for Kibera
MD Uddin Kenya Carolina for Kibera
Sarah Adcock Kenya Reach-Out/Moi University
Julia Rhines Kenya Reach-Out/Moi University
Stephanie Sun Kenya Reach-Out/Moi University
Kathy Ray Mexico Oaxaca Public Health Clinic
Camila Salvo-Lewis Mexico Centro para los Adolescentes de San Miguel de Allende
Christopher Rogers Portugal UNC-CH Atlantis Project
Madeline Yeung Portugal UNC-CH Atlantis Project
Graduate Awards
Hyunkyung Choi Thailand International Conference on Chronic Illness
Carolyn Lekavich Japan Asian Scholars Writing for Publication Institute
Faculty Awards
Debra Barksdale Japan & Korea International Family Nursing Conference, also Center for Global Initiatives Award
Christina Harlan Nicaragua National Autonomous University
Faculty Center for Global Initiatives Title 6 Awards
Cheryl Jones UNC-CH Nurse Migration: International Working Group
Marcia Van Riper Thailand, Japan & Korea International Conference on Chronic Illness, International Family Nursing Conference