Berry Receives Funding for Diabetes Study

Congratulations to Diane Berry, who with researchers from Univerisidad Autonoma de Tamuilipas School of Nursing, Tampico, Tamuilipas, México, has received grant funding from Sigma Theta Tau International to conduct a pilot study into the management of type-2 diabetes through group visit intervention.

Poor glycemic control in Hispanics with type 2 diabetes leads to increased rates of macrovascular and microvascular complications. This study will test the acceptability and feasibility of a diabetes group visit intervention developed and tested in the United States by Dr. Berry, and further refine intervention materials and study procedures for participants in México.

Berry will conduct the study with Drs. Compeán Ortiz, Aguilera Pérez, and Jose Rivera of the Universidad Autonomy de Tamuiolipas School of Nursing. The group has met once a year for the past six years for 1-2 week research stays at either campus to develop research proposals, write manuscripts, and undergo research training around their mutual interest in management of type 2 diabetes in adults in the United States and México. They have developed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities and have started a yearly student exchange as well.