ABSN Student Wins “A Nurse I Am” Scholarship

John Haddock was one of 10 students from across the United States selected to receive a $2,000 scholarship from Cherokee Uniforms. To earn the scholarship, Haddock wrote an essay in response to the documentary “A Nurse I Am.”

Unsatisfied with his career in accounting, Haddock returned to school to pursue his nursing degree in the ABSN program. He is planning to graduate in May 2014, but isn’t quite sure what type of nurse he wants to be yet. After transitioning from his initial career, Haddock wants to keep his options open and is looking forward to the clinical experience he’ll gain in his last year at the SON.

The “A Nurse I Am” project consists of two educational films funded by Cherokee that were created to encourage and inspire new nurses to stick with nursing, even when faced with potentially high-stakes, pressure-filled workdays. Haddock’s winning essay “A Nurse I Am: Let’s Make Them Feel Good!” can be read on Cherokee’s website.