American Heart Association publishes cardiac care guidelines, includes input from Zègre-Hemsey

American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline program is a national initiative to advance systems of care for patients with heart attacks and other acute cardiovascular conditions. The AHA has developed national guidelines for heart attack care. “Minutes matter: Policies to improve care for deadliest heart attacks” was published in Circulation this week. Dr. Jessica Zègre-Hemsey’s research and input informed the guidelines.

The press release highlights her insights on one of the major issues facing acute cardiac care:

It takes our health care system an average of nearly 20 minutes longer to provide women the same emergency cardiac care they provide men. This is unacceptable, at a life-or-death moment…Taking the best care of patients requires a strategic policy playbook that ensures everyone on the care delivery team knows how to maximize a patient’s chances of survival and reduce health inequities.”

The detailed policy statement can be found here.