Association of Nursing Students attends Annual North Carolina Association of Nursing Students Conference

Members of the UNC SON Association of Nursing Students (ANS) attended the annual North Carolina Association of Nursing Students (NCANS) Conference in Wilmington, NC. After attending two years of virtual conferences, our students were thrilled to return to an in-person conference. Students were able to network with fellow nursing students, potential employers, and attend a mini NCLEX review session. Nursing faculty and nurse leaders from across the state delivered motivational presentations on positive test taking strategies and inspirational nursing journeys. The current North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA) president, Dr. Meka Douthit EL, also delivered an inspiring presentation on the future of nursing.

“It inspired me to see that I am not alone in this profession,” said Katy Meier, Senior BSN students and ANS Vice President, “There are many accomplished individuals right here in North Carolina who have shaped the field of nursing and many enthusiastic fellow nursing students ready to continue their legacy with me.”

Pictured are ANS Faculty advisors and student board members from left to right:

Dr. Michael Bury – Clinical Instructor & ANS Faculty Advisor

Dr. Nancy Jo Thompson – Assistant Professor & ANS Faculty Advisor

Braxton Nowell – Senior BSN student & USGC Vice Chair

Davis Raynor – Senior BSN student & ANS President

Caroline Roseman – Pre-nursing student & ANS Treasurer

Lionel Means – Junior BSN Student & ANS Breakthrough to Nursing Director

Katy Meier – Senior BSN Student & ANS Vice President