Beth Lamanna Receives UNC Healthcare Faculty of the Year Award

In a ceremony held at the North Carolina Cancer Hospital, clinical assistant professor Beth Lamanna, RN, MPH, WHNP, received the 2014 UNC Healthcare Faculty of the Year award. The award recognizes her exemplary collaboration with UNC-H nurses and her ongoing commitment to excellent nursing education.

“Her passion for nursing and nursing education is infectious,” said Dr. Cheryl Jones, PhD, RN, FAAN, chair of the Division of Health Care Environments. “Her commitment to and belief in nurses’ contributions to quality care are also evident to others.”

Ms. Lamanna teaches several courses at the SON, but the one in which she works closely with UNC-H is N488, Practicum in Nursing. She has represented the SON on the Professional Development Council, a governance council shared by the SON and UNC-H. In that role, Ms. Lamanna has supported UNC-H staff in the ongoing development of their competencies and has kept the SON informed of opportunities for faculty engagement.

The award ceremony was held at UNC Healthcare as part of Nurses Week, a week dedicated to acknowledging the work of nurses everywhere. SON alumni Erin Fisher, BSN ’04, and Dr. Cheryl Smith-Miller, BSN ’94, PhD ’12 were honored with Nurse of the Year awards during the ceremony as well.