Britton Accepted to AAN’s Jonas Policy Scholars Program 2018-2020

Kudos to Hillman Scholar Laura Britton, BSN, RN, who was recently selected from among a highly competitive pool of doctoral and post-doctoral students across the U.S. to participate in the American Academy of Nursing’s Jonas Policy Scholar Program as a member of its 2018-2020 cohort. She has been assigned to the Women’s Health Expert Panel based on her outstanding record of scholarship, leadership and productivity.

The Jonas Policy Scholars Program is an initiative of the American Academy of Nursing to recruit highly qualified doctoral and post-doctoral nursing students for a two-year fellowship experience with the Academy for the purposes of:

  1. Creating a pipeline of early-career nursing scholars who will contribute to shaping practice, education, and research policy relevant to nursing and the work of the American Academy of Nursing
  2. Providing a mechanism for Academy expert panel leaders to mentor early-career policy scholars on key policy issues relevant to the panel’s area of focus and strategies for shaping those policies
  3. Providing support to expert panel chairs in advancing the work of the expert panel to inform and shape policy and improve the health of the public

Expert panels represent the working groups of the American Academy of Nursing. They review current research and needs within their fields to make recommendations on projects or initiatives the Academy should undertake to transform health policy and practice.

The American Academy of Nursing Jonas Policy Scholar program is generously supported by the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare.