Camp Nurse Survey for Senior BSN Student Lydia McBride

Have you ever been a camp nurse? Senior BSN honors student Lydia McBride needs your help!

For her senior honors thesis, Lydia has created a survey to gather data on former and current camp nurses’ experiences with privacy and confidentiality during medication administration. As more adolescents are taking psychiatric medications, there is an increased chance of campers experiencing the negative impacts of stigma if their peers were to become aware of their medications. However, maintaining privacy and confidentiality in camp settings is challenging. I believe data from nurses who have served in the camp setting is essential for understanding those challenges and for developing possible solutions.

If you agree to take part in this research, you will be asked to answer four questions about yourself, including age and gender, nine questions about your experiences with camp nursing, and eight questions about medication administration in this setting. Your participation in this IRB-approved study will take approximately twenty minutes to complete.

Responses are not limited to SON alumni, so please feel free to forward to anyone you know who has been a camp nurse.

Complete the survey here by March 20. Thank you in advance for your help and efforts to improve camper experiences!