Cheryl B. Jones Named Chair, Health Care Environments

CherylJones-Web Dr. Cheryl B. Jones

Cheryl B. Jones, PhD, RN, FAAN, associate professor and research consultant to UNC Hospitals, is taking on a new role as chair of the Health Care Environments Division. Dr. Jones, who has been a faculty member at UNC SON since 2000, will lead the academic division that includes Community Health, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, and Health Care Systems.

Dr. Jones has a PhD in nursing science with a minor in economics and is an expert in the field of applied nursing research. She was named Faculty Member of the Year in 2011 by UNC Hospitals Nursing Division for her role in fostering research relationships between UNC Hospitals and the SON. Her research focuses on nursing and health care workforce and outcomes of care.

Dr. Jones credits Dr. Diane Kjervik for her leadership as former HCE division chair. It is her hope to further Dr. Kjervik’s legacy by fostering unity among the specialties within HCE. “I see there being great opportunities for us to build on the commonalities among Community Health, Psychiatric and Mental Health, and Health Care Systems,” said Dr. Jones.

“My vision is to work with individuals both in and outside of the division and SON to chart our future and create new and innovative ways to work, partner, learn, and grow together. I am optimistic about the future of the division as a whole, and the many individuals who have and will continue to contribute to its successes.”

Dean Kristen Swanson welcomed Dr. Jones onto the School’s administrative team. “Dr. Jones’ vision for integrating HCE faculty with a community, psychiatric, and care systems focus maps beautifully onto the IOM emphasis on the continuous healing relationship, patient-centeredness, and accessibility,” she said.