Chifundo Zimba Appears in Global Heels

Chifundo Colleta Zimba was featured recently in Global Heels, a series produced by UNC Global. Ms. Zimba is a PhD student who came from Malawi to study at the SON.

In the interview, Ms. Zimba describes how she worked with UNC Project-Malawi for eight years before deciding to come to the United States to further her education. She says a health assessment short course at the SON and a grant she received from the UNC AIDS International Training and Research program inspired her to apply to the SON PhD program.

In a previous story, Ms. Zimba said that she wants to use her experience to advance nursing in Malawi. She especially hopes to establish nursing research programs so that she can continue to advance her current investigations into better methods for caring for Malawian women with HIV.

To learn which professors inspire her and what languages Ms. Zimba speaks, read UNC Global’s full interview with her.