Davison receives 2nd year AHEC funding for Mobile Health Clinic expansion into Chatham County

The UNC School of Nursing is proud to announce that Jean Ann Davison, FNP, and Director of the UNC School of Nursing Mobile Health Clinic (SON-MHC), has been awarded a $20,000 AHEC Clinical Site Development Grant for the 2023-24 academic year. This funding marks the second consecutive year of support, enabling the expansion of the UNC SON-MHC’s reach into Chatham County. 

The AHEC Clinical Site Development Grant aims to support clinical inter-professional education and practice, enhancing students’ abilities to address health disparities and foster health equity. Through this grant, the UNC SON-MHC has extended its vital services to Chatham County, specifically at the CORA food pantry and the Farm at Penny Lane

The expansion into Chatham County has been a success, with the UNC SON-MHC increasing its clinical service days from 6 to 10 days per month across Wake and Chatham Counties. This expansion has also doubled the number of students benefiting from precepted clinical experiences with the SON-MHC. The clinic’s inter-professional approach involves students from various disciplines, including nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, and Spanish studies, all contributing to a holistic healthcare experience. 

With a mission rooted in global health equity, the School of Nursing’s Carolina Core Global Health Tenet emphasizes the importance of practicing with a global mindset to address health disparities locally and globally. The SON-MHC embodies this principle by mentoring students to offer a comprehensive range of essential healthcare services. From routine blood pressure checks, diabetes and cholesterol assessments, to mental health screenings, the patient’s well-being is prioritized. The clinic goes beyond diagnosis by providing education and resources on chronic diseases and nutrition information, ensuring patients leave with knowledge to lead a healthier life. 

Davison’s recent presentation on “Robust Inter-professional Clinical Education and Practice to Improve Health Equity” at the 2023 National AHEC Organization Biennial Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, emphasized the clinic’s dedication to fostering inter-professional collaboration and excellence in healthcare education. 

The impact of the UNC SON-MHC’s efforts has left a significant mark on the community, serving a diverse population of clients, including over 50% Spanish speakers, low-income individuals, uninsured patients, and refugees. The clinic has also played a crucial role in providing school physicals, ensuring that school-aged children meet the requirements for public education. 

With the renewed funding for the approaching academic year, the UNC School of Nursing is positioned to sustain its impactful initiatives in Chatham County and beyond. This equips the next cohort of healthcare professionals to drive meaningful global change through their dedicated efforts.